The 2022-23 Spartanettes at the National Dance Alliance camp at Ball State.

The 2022-23 Spartanette dance team recently completed the National Dance Alliance (NDA) summer camp at Ball State University. Thirteen other teams, and 189 total participants were preparing themselves not only for the upcoming season, but also vying for team and individual awards.

“We had a great camp,” Spartanette Head Coach Sandee Toschlog said. “The girls did absolutely fabulous. “They’ve worked hard. We go from 8:45 in the morning and are not dismissed until 9 at night. [Then] they’re getting together and working on their routines until they go to bed. I’m pretty sure some of them, even after lights out, were still going through routines. It’s four days and they learn a total of four routines, and it’s really two and a half days because on the first day everybody’s moving in. They have specially technique classes where they have different categories, and the girls go to different areas to try to get better on certain technical styles. They’re tired when they come home.”