Spartans Football

2020 Connersville football team. The senior team members are Evan Shafer, Peyton Rowland, Bryce Walker, Dylan Lawson, Kaden Sarmiento, Charles Parrett, Sean Cates, Cole Martin, Brayden Pea, Alex Fox, Allen Vest, Ryan Kennedy, and Hunter Jones.

CHS football had a break-out season this year. First-year head coach Justin Jackson came to re-build the program, and wanted to prove to the competition that the Spartans were ready to play.

“One of the most memorable moments had to be during our first game when we got that pick-six to go up seven,” coach Jackson said. “That really set the tone for the season to be up on an opponent early like that, and being a defensive guy it felt even more special because it was a defensive touchdown. I think it showed people that we’re not the same Connersville, and we’re going to go out there to compete.”