Row 1- Brooke Sudhoff, Cecilia Dixon, Kaylor McKinney

Row 2-Kendall Creech, Jordyn McQueen, Eden Judd, Katelyn Seeley, Lydia Powell, Kendall Martin

{Row 3- Gabrielle Rivera, Isabelle Swininger, Paris Hampton, India Smith, Kaelynn Martin, Chloe Cramer, Abigail Soriano, Kylie Hale, Kierra McKinney, Olivia Struewing. ..... Not present Claire Stinger

The Spartanettes unveiled the new uniforms they will be wearing when they make their trip to Hawaii to preform in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Day parade on Dec. 7.

“It’s my dream vacation,” senior cheerleader Brooke Sudhoff said. “I want to live there someday, so it’ll be great to go and see what it’s like.”