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About Us

The Connersville News-Examiner serves Fayette, Franklin, Union and western Wayne counties in east central Indiana.

The News-Examiner is the only news medium providing original coverage of local news and sports, with a traditional newspaper published Tuesday-Saturday and delivered by U.S. mail; updated daily on our website,, and on social media including Facebook.

The Connersville News-Examiner is the result of the combination and consolidation of several Fayette County publications.

The first daily paper in Connersville was published on June 9, 1887, by the firm of Downs and Smith. On Oct. 19, 1887, George M. Sinks became a stockholder. In 1892, the Times-News Company was formed and published both a daily and weekly edition. This company published The Evening News as the daily paper which continued in existence until the consolidation with The Connersville Examiner on Jan. 1, 1920. The weekly paper of The Times-News Company, The Connersville Times, was published for several years and was suspended after only a small list of subscribers showed their desire for a weekly paper.

The "Examiner" part of the newspaper traces its beginning with the founding of the Connersville Examiner on Dec. 24, 1867. John Milton Higgs and F.N. Pickett issued the first number of the Examiner and it had an unbroken career from that time until its consolidation with The Evening-News. In 1887 a daily edition was established. In 1903, Mr. Higgs disposed of the Examiner to a local group of stockholders who published the paper until 1915, when it was leased for one year to the Express Printing Company of Liberty, Ind. At the expiration of the year, the Express Printing Company and the Connersville Daily Examiner Company were consolidated and incorporated under the name of the Express Printing Company. The new company at once built a new home for the paper and occupied it in the early spring of 1917.

On Jan. 1, 1920, E.W. Tatman organized the News-Examiner Company. At that time the company took over the Times-News Company and purchased from the Express Printing Company the newspaper property, good-will, newspaper equipment, etc., of the Connersville Examiner. This consolidation united the two long established Connersville papers into The Connersville News-Examiner. The new publication was independent in politics as it is today.

From 1867 until 1992, with the exception of 10 years, the paper was in the hands of the same family, a family that became identified with Connersville newspaper history in December 1867, when A.M. Sinks and George M. Sinks became sole owners of The Connersville Times. George M. Sinks was the grandfather of George S. Tatman, who was publisher of the News-Examiner Company until it was sold to Nixon Newspapers in 1992.

The News-Examiner now operates under the umbrella of Paxton Media Group, a fourth-generation, family-owned media company founded in 1896. Paxton Media assumed ownership of The Connersville News-Examiner in 1999.

Anna Pugsley is the general manager and advertising director.