School should not reopen in person

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I am truly, deeply, soulfully sorry. It was not intentional, I simply did not know. I guess now I see I should have known. Oh that’s bull, how could anyone not know? You would have to be living in a cave.

Perhaps I am just waxing nostalgic for the good old days of a few months ago, but isn’t everyone? I moved to Connersville from Las Vegas chasing that ever elusive true love. Right now it seems like that is the only reality I can hold on to. This bleak outlook has again coaxed me to retreat t…

My paternal grandmother, Ruth Bowers LaMar, taught school at the former Blountsville and Springport Elementary Schools. Towards the end of a day in 1929, she went to deposit her paycheck at Springport’s bank (it is now a house). As she was withholding a little cash, the bank manager came out…

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