Again I feel compelled to bring to light conditions of Fayette County roads. I continue to notice many missing road number/name signs, and potholes throughout the county. I see where the Fayette County Highway Department has replaced some road signs in the southern part of our county, but have not replaced the more serious missing signs, some of which have been missing nearly a year or longer.

I also have seen that the Board of Commissioners striped Alquina Rd., and some others, with a single yellow line. The Fayette County Board of Commissioners may try to explain this away as need for safety as they have received complaints about the lack of markings. It is just as easy to stripe the road correctly as opposed to doing it wrong. In the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices, Section 3B.01 page 353, 05, clearly states that a single solid yellow line shall not be used as a center line marking on a two-way roadway. This manual was set up nation-wide and is used to provide uniform traffic control for entities who have responsibilities over roads, streets and highways. What I don't understand is why the Fayette County Board of Commissioners chose to violate this requirement. We have leadership in this county that makes us look like a third world community and discourages businesses from considering us. This all boils down to poor leadership with the Fayette County Board of Commissioners and Highway Supervisor. It also shows a definite need for a Supervisor with extensive skill and experience in managing a highway department and reasonable skill with the equipment needed to do the work as well as seeing work is completed correctly. In this case why does the Highway Supervisor need such an expensive new truck if he is not out inspecting the roads on a daily basis, and correcting these problems. It is shameful the way the Fayette County Board of Commissioners manages the County Highway Department.