You people who think it's your decision about whether to wear a face mask in public during the coronavirus pandemic are thinking about it all wrong.

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Like nearly every modern family, mine has spread out over several states. I guess I’m fortunate that most of them are still east of the Mississippi. The only exception is a granddaughter who took a job in California last year. However, my son, Alan, and our daughter-in-law, MaryAnn, live onl…

As I drove home from Colorado on Tuesday the radio played Tracy Lawrence singing “When the Cowboy’s Gone.”

Most people have probably seen the humorous television ad for Jimmy John’s fast food sandwich shops. It opens with an establishment shot of a senior citizens rest home. Cut to a crotchety-looking old guy on the phone, placing an order to be delivered. Even before he hangs up, the doorbell ri…

Nonprofits are the heart of our community. They care for our most vulnerable. They preserve the places and traditions we love. They make life better for all.

President Trump has said many times that voting by mail – which will play a big role in this November’s presidential election – is vulnerable to fraud. The November election, he said, “will be, in my opinion, the most corrupt election in the history of our country.”

He's not shopping here any more

The News-Examiner asked (before the state mask mandate): If you are required to wear a mask in certain stores, will they lose your business?

Many Democrats, along with some in the press and a few Republicans, have expressed outrage at President Trump’s commutation of political operative Roger Stone’s jail sentence for lying to Congress and witness tampering. GOP Sen. Mitt Romney, the only senator ever to vote to remove a presiden…

No ATVs on the roads

The Connersville News-Examiner asked: Have you gotten the hang of being hands-free while driving, not using your cell phone?

Earlier this month, there was a resurgence of interest in the word “irregardless.” It seems that some angry users of social media have been responding to the rumor that the Miriam-Webster dictionary just included it in a recent edition. Some of these self-appointed guardians of the language …

I wasn’t going to subject you readers to more “silly summer” news releases but yet another one came by email and I just couldn’t pass up sharing it.

UTVs on streets: it's a bad idea

It’s hard to report all the news all the time about the coronavirus health emergency. Wading through it is wearing and, I hate to say it, but increasingly hard to know what’s real and what isn’t.

editor's pick

It will soon be a year since the day my wife Michelle fell from a ladder while painting our bedroom ceiling. She broke several bones in one foot and received a long, deep cut in her other leg. She was in a wheelchair, then graduated to a walker and finally recovered enough to walk and drive.…

That much news coverage is biased against President Trump goes without saying. But every now and then there comes an episode of bias so egregious that it deserves attention. The coverage of the president’s July 3 speech at Mount Rushmore is one of those episodes.

The News-Examiner asked: What is your all-time favorite summer food?

Hoosiers know our law enforcement officers as neighbors, friends and honorable public servants who, even on the easiest of days, perform a difficult and dangerous job. Behind the badge and uniform are men and women who put their lives on the line every day on behalf of every citizen they serve.

Veteran thanks official for getting name added to wall

Black lives matter has been a topic of national controversy for several years and for the past several weeks. I heard it explained this way just Thursday on TV.

Our youngest son was born late in our marriage; then he married late. Consequently, we have a grandson, Maxwell, who is not quite 3 years old. (Fear not; I’m not fond of cute grandchildren stories, and I don’t intend to burden my readers with any.)

Support for Republican candidate

The protests and street marches of recent weeks have been, in the minds of a majority of our citizens, justified. The goals are noble and, for the most part, the demonstrations have been well organized and peaceful.

In maximizing the historical moments we are witnessing in terms of a worldwide call for racial equality, we must remember that most American minorities are never arrested or come into contact with police.

We asked on Facebook, “If school starts up in August, will you feel safe sending your children?”

It's time to return to pre-pandemic lives

As the country struggles to vanquish coronavirus, Americans are witnessing a bizarre phenomenon in which some authorities tolerate and even praise highly politicized mass gatherings while at the same time suppress small activities – like taking children to a playground – that are important t…

In the midst of a pandemic, Indiana’s Election Commission, guided in part by the bipartisan recommendation of state leaders, made the smart, non-political decision to ensure that Hoosiers could cast their vote in the primary election without fearing for their health.

I am one of the lucky ones. Both of my parents are living, a blessing that many take for granted.

The News-Examiner asked: How do you practice random acts of kindness?

National Geographic magazine found itself in hot water when it published a cover photo of pyramids in Egypt in its February 1982 edition. The magazine had used software to move the pyramids closer together to make a better photo.

The News-Examiner asked: What do you think about this? Indiana moves to Stage 4 of reopening on Friday, June 12, instead of Sunday, June 14.

Article about 8th Street School stirs memories

Music is a normal part of my routine and is what gets me through my drive to work. I also take that 30 minutes to think about everything from things I need to get done at home to what is going on in the world. The latter has taken up much more of my pondering time than the former. Mix that w…