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Paging Professor Phillips

By Larry DeBoer Inflation should be increasing. But it’s not. Economist A.W. “Bill” Phillips was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia as a young man to continue his education. He traveled to China but had to flee the Japanese invasion in 193

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Students teach the teacher

“Gladly would he learn and gladly teach.” – Geoffrey Chaucer, 1343-1400 Lately I’ve been eating an orange every morning at breakfast. The medical people have been telling us for decades that we should eat more fresh fruits and vegetab

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Ask any teen: 8 a.m. isn't learning time

Remember when you were a teenager? If you’re like most, you wanted to stay up later than your parents would let you. And in the morning, you dreaded that call from the hallway: “Get up! You’re going to be late for school!” Used to be, adults

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The twisted foes of legal abortion

By Virginia Heffernan - Los Angeles Times Last Wednesday, Kay Ivey, the governor of Alabama, signed into law a bill that could jail for life anyone who performs an abortion. Reminder: Abortion is a 20-minute procedure for ending a pregnancy or, conversely, restarti

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Real-life 'Handmaid's Tale' looms larger

There’s no denying the obvious ploy by Republican state legislators in Alabama to impose the most draconian restrictions on abortion rights this nation has seen in half a century. They, like their counterparts in Jefferson City, Mo., are fully aware that the

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Ban on facial recognition tech goes too far

One of the byproducts of the rapidly increasing power of microchips is the proliferation of chip-powered cameras and devices that are constantly watching and, in some cases, recording the world in front of them in high definition. There are cameras in doorbells and

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Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down

Thumbs up: for Reid Health’s planned acquisition of Fayette Regional Health System. We hope the transition goes smoothly and that both Reid and Connersville will benefit from the purchase. Special thumbs up to the employees at Fayette Regional,

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Facebook Callout

I think the ALICE program would be a great idea. I work for a hospital and took the ALICE training and it’s very educational on what to do. At least this way they will know what to do. – Joyce Roberts Clark

Fayette County School Corp. will be starting a new training program, ALICE, that empowers teachers, staff members and students to to remove themselves from the building rather than locking themselves in a room. Your thoughts?

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