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Facebook Callout

I remember a TV newscast that showed how fast a real tree could go up in flames. We use artificial trees; we can leave them up without worry and we don’t have to buy a new one each year. Harold Henwood

We asked: Do you buy a real or artificial tree? Why? What is your tradition?

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Living in a Marx Brothers reality

According to a recent survey, nearly 75% of conversations with friends or coworkers consist of complaints or general negativity. Fifteen percent is made up of social niceties – greetings, weather, rhetorical questions (“How’ve you been?&

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Yacht owners get an anti-poverty tax break

Donald Trump recently exulted that his special tax incentives to spur investment in poverty projects have gone “beyond anything that anybody … even thought.” So true! His “Opportunity Zone” tax breaks are financing such “anti-pov

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Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down

Thumbs up: to the Connersville High School swim teams, who opened their season at home on Tuesday. The girls finished 2-0 on the night, while the boys wound up 1-1. Thumbs up: to the individuals who felt the need to vandalize decorations in the park. It&#

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