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'Modernization' comes to Saudi Arabia

On my first visit to the then-closed and mysterious desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1974, I soon came up against the confused psyche of many modern Saudis, and I recognized the tormenting question of modernization in societies with few tools to handle it. “

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New museum bodes well for Fayette County's future

Anyone who has doubted the potential for future greatness that exists in Connersville should visit the repository of much of Fayette County’s past, the new Fayette County Historical Museum. It may seem strange to be saying that potential is ref

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Thumbs up, Thumbs down

Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down is a column of brief editorial comments about local news of the past week as published in the Connersville News-Examiner. Unsigned comments are by the News-Examiner staff. Readers may submit their own comments, signed, by email to news. . . more »

New museum exceeds expectations

As lifelong residents of Connersville / Fayette County, we want to express our excitement about the opening of the newly renovated Fayette County Historical Museum in its new location. Many of us have been looking forward to seeing the hard work of the many volunte

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Council works for county's betterment

On March 1st of 2013, I took my oath of office to become a member of Fayette County’s County Council. I didn’t fully understand what I was getting myself into; all that I knew is that I wanted to help my county any way that I could. I knew that we were

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Pre-election letters policies

The Connersville News-Examiner welcomes letters to the editor at any time. During the run-up to an election, there are a few special policies and a deadline in place. Our goal is to provide fairness to each candidate. The News-Examiner will try to ve

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Mayor gives endorsement

On Oct. 10, Hoosiers began voting for our next batch of elected officials, and there is something I think you need to know before casting your ballot. As Mayor of the City of Connersville, I have often needed the help and support of movers and shakers to get things

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Is there a Libertarian in you?

Now, personally, I am not a person who generally likes to get too involved in politics. I prefer to be on the sidelines and, like most of us, just complain. Well this year I guess I will have to rethink my involvement, you see my nephew Tom Ferkinhoff is running fo

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Many helped with Taste festival

The Social-Cultural Capital Group of Fayette County Community Voices would like to sincerely thank the following people and groups for their help in presenting the first annual Taste of Fayette County -- an International Festival, on Saturday, Sept. 29. First of al

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