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Primary election ballots finalized


No additional candidates filed for election last week for Fayette County's constitutional offices but the County Council and some township offices now have some additional candidates.

The county's chief election official, County Clerk Melinda Sudhoff, said the three-member election board will meet at 10 a.m. Feb. 22 to discuss preparations for the May 8 primary election. At that election, voters from the Democratic and Republican parties will select candidates for the Nov. 6 general election.

Friday at noon was the deadline for citizens to file papers to register as a candidate from the major parties. Some offices have no candidates at this time. Candidates can withdraw from this election by noon on Monday.

No one is running for the County Council in District 2, which includes most of Harrison Township and Waterloo Township. Dale Strong is the current officeholder but he is running for a seat on the County Commissioners.

The three County Commissioners serve as the county's executive and legislative officers, making county laws and regulations, and enforcing policies. The County Council controls the county budget.

In Fairview Township on the county's western edge, no one has filed for election as township trustee or for the three-member Fairview Township advisory board.  

The parties have until June 30 to nominate people for any position where the party has no candidate after the primary election.

Third-party, independent and write-in candidates face summer deadlines to place themselves on the fall ballot.

The final week of declaring candidacy for the primary election saw these changes.

Two people filed papers to run for Fayette County Council District 3. John R. Clarke of Bentonville will seek the Republican nomination. Donna Schroeder of Glenwood added her name to the Democrat side and will run against Jerry Pennington of Connersville.

Running for County Council from District 4 will be Republican Kayla Nobbe of Connersville. Democrats do not have a candidate for that seat.

For Orange Township trustee, Republican Tracie Bever has thrown her hat in the ring. Democrat Marion Dalrymple is seeking re-election to the job.

In Waterloo Township, the Democratic candidate for trustee will be Jack Brown. No one filed to run as a Republican.

The three-member Harrison Township advisory board now has three candidates. Republicans are Craig C. Howell and Duane Brandenburg. Running for the Democratic nomination is Nolen Selke.

Republican Rosalyn York is the lone candidate for the Columbia Township advisory board.

Two Republicans are seeking nomination to the Jackson Township advisory board: Melvin Dice and Chris Nobbe. Gary Ruf is running as a Democrat.

Three Democrats are seeking the Democratic nomination in Jennings Township advisory board. David I. Jobe filed last week, joining Daniel M. Moster and David Gettinger on his party's ballot.

Democrats have two nominees for the Posey Township advisory board: Amy Parks and Sue Ann Pflum.

For Waterloo Township advisory board, Democrats George Henry and Steve Henry put their names on the ballot last week, joining Tom Scholl. No Republicans are running.  

People interested in running for school board in November may file their paperwork between July 25 and Aug. 24.

Primary election candidates

Candidates in the Fayette County May 8 primary election.

Clerk of the Circuit Court: Destini Bentley (D), Lisa Mays Witt (R).

County Auditor: Jane E. Downard (R)

County Recorder: Ruth Nutty (R), Nancy Toler (D)

County Sheriff: Jabin "Jay" Collins (R), David J. "Joey" Laughlin II (D), Wesley Pennington (D)

County Surveyor: William J. Macke (D)

Prosecuting Attorney: Bette Jo Jones (R)

County Commissioner, District 1: Dale L. Strong (D)

County Council, District 1: Tim Bentley (D), Michael F. Wenta (R)

County Council, District 2: None

County Council, District 3: Jerry Pennington (D), Donna Schroeder (D), John R. Clarke (R)

County Council, District 4: Kayla Nobbe (R)

Columbia Twp. Trustee: Addie R. Mustin (R)

Connersville Twp. Trustee: Brian Durham (D), Cathy Klemme Harvey (R)

Fairview Twp. Trustee: None)

Harrison Twp. Trustee: Sarah R. Grubbs (D), Sharri Herbert Kendall (R)

Jackson Twp. Trustee: Corinne N. Westerfield (D)

Jennings Twp. Trustee: Jason Ruf (D)

Orange Twp. Trustee: Marion Dalrymple (D), Tracie Bever (R)

Posey Twp. Trustee: Karla Abercrombie (D)

Waterloo Twp. Trustee: Jack Brown (D)

Columbia Twp. Board: Rosalyn York (R)

Connersville Twp. Board: Wanda Fisher (D), Linda D. Cox (R), Scott A. Kelley (R), Sharon Lingg (R).

Fairview Twp. Board: None

Harrison Twp. Board: Duane Brandenburg (R), Craig C. Hollowell (R), Nolen J. Selke (D).

Jackson Twp. Board: Gary Ruf (D), Melvin Dice (R), Chris Nobbe (R)

Jennings Twp. Board: David Gettinger (D), Daniel M. Moster (D), David I. Jobe (D)

Orange Twp. Board: Donald F. Kirk (D), Shirley Nobbe (D)

Posey Twp. Board: Sue A. Pflum (D), Amy Parks (D)

Waterloo Twp. Board: Tom Scholl (D), Steve Henry (D), George Henry (D)

Jennings Twp. Constable: Elbert Russell

Democratic Party precinct committee: Tammy Jo Legere, Connersville 1; David L. Devor, Connersville 2; Brian Durham, Connersville 7; Wanda L. Fisher, Connersville 8; Tim Bentley, Connersville 9; Jerry Gobin, Connersville 12; Jason Lynn, Connersville 10; Sandra L. McQuinley, Connersville 11; Tim Rose, Harrison 1; Nancy Lengle, Harrison 2; Dale L. Strong, Harrison 3; Ruby Siler, Harrison 4; Brian Gilbert, Harrison 5; Bill Todd, Harrison 6; David Butsch, Harrison 7; Donna Ruf, Jackson; David Gettinger, Jennings; Shirley A. Nobbe and Donna Schroeder, Orange; Karla Abercrombie, Posey; Jack L. Brown, Waterloo.

Democratic State Convention Delegates: Brian Durham, Sarah R. Grubbs, Mary Anne Morris, Corinne N. Westerfield, Wanda Fisher, Donna Ruf, Gary Ruf.

Republican State Convention Delegates: Noah A. Bevington, T. Scott Bevington, Vivian Himelick, Melody Quante, Shirley Risch Wise.