Headline from Nov. 11, 1918.

In the early part of 1918, Woodrow Wilson was beginning his 6th year as President. World War I was in full battle and many Connersville young men were on their way to the Western Front. It was in the spring when word of a dangerous flu began to filter across the country.

In 1918, many serious health conditions existed. Tuberculosis and diabetes were a death sentence and 15 percent of all babies did not survive their first year. Americans weren’t immediately afraid of another story about the flu. As 1918 progressed those fears did become prevalent as the influenza – or Spanish Flu as it was named in the early days – gripped the city, county and the world. The Spanish Flu name was dropped after it was learned that it originated in Kansas. Troop movements and the full dedication to victory in the war helped spread the influenza around the world.