Closing Sale

A posting from 1917 when Phillip Braun and Henry Kehl’s shop closed unexpectedly

Many families immigrated from other countries during Connersville’s first century. A number of those were from Germany. The influence of the German American population was at its peak in 1900 and for the next three decades. This is the story of just one of the more interesting of those families.

Phillip Braun was born in the Heidelberg area even though his birthplace of record is Baden, Germany. He was born in 1856 and served in the German Imperial Army for three years before coming to America in 1880. After entering through New York, he spent two years in Cincinnati, where he met his wife Mary Saur and they wed in 1881. One year later he left Ohio and made the trip to Connersville. It is not known if he was apprenticed as a tailor here or earlier, but he soon became affiliated with Clothing. It was not long before he had his name on a store at 109 West 5th street near Henry Luking’s shoe store. He was lucky enough to have moved his store around the corner to 428 North Central Avenue before the big gas explosion in 1898. He would remain at that location until 1917.