A clipping from 1893 advertising a feast.

Grover Cleveland was once again President. After defeating President Benjamin Harrison of Indianapolis in the fall of 1892 he began his second term having been defeated by President Harrison four years earlier for reelection. Other news of 1893, the Cleveland’s had the first of their three children born in the White House and Lizzie Borden was found not guilty of murdering her father and stepmother in Bedford Massachusetts. In May a stock market crash began a four-year depression and it had seen its way to Connersville although a strong local job market was weathering it better than some cities. The Thanksgiving holiday was a happy time, and some local happenings are well documented in the local newspapers.

The Thanksgiving services at the German Presbyterian Church on Fourth Street will be at 10:30 and Rev.G.B. Van Aradall will officiate. A collection for the benefit of the poor will be taken.