Shelter Donation

Front Row: Sarah Lacy, Elizabeth Bailey and Darlene Coyle. Back Row: Jacob Lacy, Sindy Spivey, Beverly Seeley, Dave Ryckman, Karen Coker, Brandon Johnston and Matthew Jackson. Sarah Lacy organized a raffle to raise money for the Fayette County Animal Shelter, Her employer Stant Corporation and the UAW 1118 also helped in donating money to bring the final total to $3,110.

Sarah Lacy took on and rescued a beagle that her sister had discovered while she was at work. That stray would lead to a major boost for the Fayette County Animal Shelter.

She asked her sister to put the dog in the garage, and then when she got home she found the dog had some skin issues, Lacy fed the dog and give it a bath, before deciding to take the dog in Dave Ryckman and the Fayette County Animal Shelter. This was an emotional experience.