Caitlyn Logan passed away last year at the age of 21.

Diabetes took the life of Caitlyn Logan at the age of 21 last year. While her family still is suffering from the tragic loss, they have channeled losing their daughter and sister into helping other young adults in the community.

“Caitlyn was as beautiful inside as she was outside,” her mother, Marci Logan, said. “After Caitlyn went to heaven, I knew I had to do something, everything, to keep her precious memory alive. As a mom I don’t want my daughter’s life, legacy, memory to be forgotten. Going away to college was so important to her so my husband and I decided to give a scholarship(s) to local seniors. When Caitlyn was applying for scholarships her senior year, she didn’t like all the stipulations on different scholarships. Therefore we decided to have zero stipulations. Even if a senior is going straight out into the workforce they can apply. They may need work clothes and gas money etc…or if a senior is going into the military they may need money for uniforms or whatever, some seniors just aren’t great ‘students’ and don’t make great grades but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be eligible for a scholarships.”