Food Distribution

Volunteers pitch in to help distribute more than 1,000 boxes of food at a previous Gleaners Food Distribution. The event went smoothly and all the food was distributed in little more than two hours.

The Fayette County Food Council works with Gleaners to provide the community with quarterly food distributions where Gleaners brings a truck full of food to distribute to the community.

These are big operations that take the work of Gleaners to get the food there to the location in a timely manner and the work of the Fayette County Food Council and their team of volunteers to make the actual distribution run smoothly. They have to find location that can handle the traffic for the distribution, and then find a time that works for all involved, and then map the traffic so it flows in an orderly manner. That’s all before the events themselves even begin. But it is all a labor of love to help get food to the members of the community that need it.