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Even though we’d be hard-pressed to find someone who travels over the Whitewater River by sleigh to a holiday dinner at grandmother’s house, it’s a safe bet that however they get there, memories are shared, and stories told, about parents and grandparents.

It’s the time of year when nostalgia runs deep. Recently my sister-in-law sent us home with some family heirlooms that belonged to my late brother, Tim. The treasures include a family safe of which our older son, Sam, is now the fifth-generation caretaker; a brass 1908 Model T headlight (or maybe taillight); a cache of family photos dating to horse-and-buggy days, and some other saved objects.

Donna Cronk is retired Neighbors Editor of The Courier-Times. Her Next Chapter column will appear the second and fourth Saturdays each month. She would enjoy continuing the conversation with readers. Email her at newsgirl.1958@gmail.com.