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Area counties ready for vaccinations

RICHMOND — The Wayne County Health will began scheduling appointments to administer COVID-19 vaccine to eligible recipients on Friday.

The initial batch of vaccines are being made available to individuals age 80 and older, as well as to licensed and unlicensed healthcare workers and first responders who have face-to-face interactions with patients or infectious material, or work in a public-facing position that requires in-person contact.

A photo ID, proof of age, or verification of current employment as a healthcare worker or first responder in Indiana will be required.

The Wayne County COVID Vaccine Clinic is located in the former Elder Beerman building, 601 E. Main Street in Richmond.

“This is the moment we have been all working so hard to get to since March,” Dr. David Jetmore the Wayne County Health Officer said. “This is a way we finally can begin to see a difference in the way the virus effects our community.”

“By bringing in our most at risk, our most fragile in our community, we can save lives. I am proud to be a part of it.”

Executive Director of the Wayne County Health Department Christine Stinson, shared Dr. Jetmore’s excitement.

“I am not sure anyone other, than a fellow public health practitioner, could understand the raw emotions I am feeling right now,” she said. “It is a mixture of joy, hope, and shear exhaustion. “I have been able to partner with a wonderful group of people who continue to work toward a safe and healthy Wayne County.”

In Franklin County, vaccines are scheduled to roll out beginning on Monday, using the same guidelines – ages 80 and over, first responders and health care workers.

“We don’t have any control over that,” Angie Ruther said of the current limitations. “We have to follow state guidelines for that.”

Both Wayne and Franklin County will have a very limited supply of the vaccines, particularly early on.

Wayne County says that it will have 200 doses available in the first week. 400 more for the week of January 18, and 400 additional for the week of January 25. That’s a total of 1,000 for the month of January.

Ruther says she’ll wait to see what Franklin County gets before quoting any numbers.

“I’d just rather wait until we have them in hand,” she said.

Due to limited supply in both locations, vaccines will be available by appointment only, and only if you’re eligible as determined by the Indiana Department of Health.

That complete list is posted at https://ourshot.in.gov, and appointments can also be scheduled at that website.

Walk-ins at either Richmond or Franklin County will not be eligible for the vaccines, whether you qualify for a vaccine or not. Only appointments will be accepted.

There is no cost to the individual, but insurance may be charged an administration fee. Individuals should bring a photo ID and an insurance card if they have one.

Anyone who qualifies for the vaccine and is having difficulties going online to schedule can call 211 for assistance. If you know of an elderly person who is having troubles, please reach out and assist them in getting scheduled for this vaccine.

Hale and Jones receive awards

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Deparment announced Friday the 2020 Jail Officer and Deputy of the Year awards.

The 2020 Jail Officer of the Year is Corporal Danny Hale.

Hale has been with the Sheriff’s Department since 2000 and currently serves as the Process Server. He previously served as a Jail Corporal and as the Jail Commander.

In his current role, he serves civil process which consists of hundreds of papers to be served through out Fayette County weekly. Hale also assists deputies throughout the day on various calls.

He has also been a constant presence at Fayette Central school, ensuring children get to school safely.

“Hale has been and continues to be one of the hardest workers at our department,” FCSD Sheriff Department Joey Laughlin said. “This award was chosen by the myself. Congratulations ‘Old Man.’”

The 2020 Deputy of the Year is Major Zac Jones.

Jones has been with the Sheriff’s Department since 1999 and currently serves in the role of Chief Deputy. He has previously served as a Jail Corporal, as Jail Commander and as a Road Deputy.

He has held the rank of Corporal, Road Deputy, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain. Jones is an instructor through the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and leads training at FCSD.

He is also the Systems Administrator taking care of the Spillman Jail Management System. Jones also heads up the SRO program with Fayette County Schools and schedules officers for both CHS and CMS.

“He is quite simply the backbone of our department. He is who most in our department (including me) turn to for help or advice with numerous different tasks,” Laughlin said. “This award was voted on by the Road Division.”

In memory

Buses lined up along Veterans Memorial Drive Thursday afternoon as the funereal procession for Charlie Cox drove through. Cox drove for the Fayette County School Corporation since 2014. His bus number will be retired in his honor.

United Way seeking applications for food and shelter grant

ANDERSON — Fayette County has been awarded federal funds made available through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under the Emergency Food and Shelter (EFSP) National Board Program to supplement emergency food and shelter programs in the county.

Phase 38 has been awarded $10,396. This award is based upon unemployment and poverty rates at the national average.

The selection was made by a National Board that is chaired by DHS/FEMA and consists of representatives from the Red Cross; Catholic Charities; National Council of the Churches of Christ; The Jewish Federations of North America, The Salvation Army; and, United Way Worldwide.

A local board is charged to distribute funds to help expand the capacity of food and shelter programs.

Under the terms of the grant, local agencies chosen to receive funds must:

Be private voluntary non-profits or units of government.

Be eligible to receive federal funds.

Have an accounting system.

Practice nondiscrimination.

Have demonstrated the capability to deliver emergency food and/or shelter programs.

If they are a private voluntary organization, have a voluntary board.

Qualifying Fayette County agencies are urged to apply.

To apply online, go to the United Way of Madison County website, www.unitedwaymadisonco.org/fayette-co-efsp. You may also contact Kim Rogers-Hatfield, Vice President of Engagement, United Way of Madison County, at k.hatfield@unitedwaymadisonco.org or 765-608-3067 for questions.

Applications must be submitted online no later than noon on Monday, January 25, 2021, to be considered for funding for Phase 38.

Late applications will not be accepted.