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Cranberry meatballs and all, Tasty Luncheon's a success

Jeanna Hushour scoops some of the Yummy Potatoes into a take-out box at Thursday’s Tasty Luncheon at First United Methodist Church. The main dish, Baked Cranberry Meatballs, is in the serving dish at right.

By BOB HANSEN - bhansen@newsexaminer.com

It may have been the 56th annual Tasty Luncheon but don’t say it was just like all the rest.

One of the featured menu items stirred a lot of questions. The Yummy Potatoes were; the pasta salad was what you’d expect; and the lemon cake was lemony.

But the Baked Cranberry Meatballs created a lot of questions. So many that Pearlie Urban knew the answer when she served up scoops of the dark reddish brown main dish. What’s in it, someone asked and her quick answer: Well, it’s just regular meatballs but there’s cranberry sauce, sauerkraut, and brown sugar in the sauce.

Event chairwoman Jeanna Hushour added that the recipe also includes chili sauce and not just any cranberry sauce, it needs to be whole cranberries. “We’ve gotten a lot of comments from people that liked it,” she said.

In any case success can be measured by the fact that food ran low as the luncheon wound to a close on Thursday. The all-volunteer staff at First United Methodist Church sat down to eat at just about the same time as the carry-out service ran out of foam boxes. 

Hushour said. “We had a wonderful turnout,” adding that without support from the whole church, it wouldn’t work.

“It’s so much work and you get exhausted,” she said. “But the day comes and the people come, and you see people come back that moved away or that used to come to church here, and it rejuvenates me.”

So, chances are good there will be a 57th annual Tasty Luncheon at about this same time next year.