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Creative People

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Kyle Carsey is proud of the art she makes for her pets.
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By KATE THURSTON - kthurston@newsexaminer.com

A passion for her dogs led Kyle Carsey to creating an item just for them.

Her art is in making bow ties, leashes and collars. To her it is more than art; it is a passion and something she loves doing.

“I do believe that my bow ties and collars are art,” Carsey said. “It’s a way for myself and other animal lovers to express themselves through patterns and designs. I think a big part of art is creativity and that’s something I put into my pieces every day.”

Her inspiration is found many places but mainly through her precious fur-babies.

“I have four pets total,” Carsey said. “Two cats (Willie and Pippen) that I rescued from a shelter six years ago, as well as two boxers (Stella and Muggsy Bogues), one of which my husband and I rescued four years ago. I love and spoil them all.”

Carsey said she loved buying collars and accessories for her dogs, but constantly changing out their styles got to be expensive.

“I had an ‘a-ha’ moment one day when I realized I could probably make some of the things I was buying. I found a video on Youtube that someone had posted about making bows and started from there.”

Carsey tried making a bow and the rest is history.

“To make a bow tie it takes about five minutes. I use a stencil to cut my fabric piece, attach interfacing to help the bow keep its shape, sew it into a tube (which will be folded into the bow shape) and then attach Velcro straps on each side, I pride myself in the fact that my bow ties are very sturdy and keep their shape no matter how rambunctious your pet may be and the same is true for my collars,” Carsey said. 

She claims her pets are what keeps her creative wheels spinning.

“My boxers are really what keep me creative. I love trying new designs and pieces on them first. I also get a lot of custom orders which allow me to really get creative and try new things. I like my designs to stand out, so I am always finding new combinations and patterns. I never want my bow ties and collars to be boring.”

As far as her family, they don’t think she is crazy creating special accessories for her pets.

“My family is very supportive, especially my husband. He is so positive and has really pushed me to pursue my dream of growing my business. He is also very helpful and knowledgeable with the business side of things since he already runs and owns his own business,” she explained.

Her sister-in-law helps in the design process and goes to craft shows with her. 

“One of the first people to ever buy one of my bow ties was my mother, despite my father telling her that his dog would never wear one,” she laughed. “However, my dad has become a big supporter as well. Any time I post new products on social media, both my parents are quick to share on their own pages and their dog, Kwizz, is always decked out in my gear.”

Carsey said she loves being able to share her passion for fashion and animals with her customers and have the opportunity to donate portions of her sales to animal shelters and rescues.

To view her work, visit Boxer Baby Boutique on Facebook.