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Elementary students step onto cross country course

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More than 100 boys left the starting line at the 2019 Fall Elementary Cross County championship at Roberts Park on Saturday afternoon. The incredibly fast pace of the raceprovided three runners —Kingston O’Toole, Drew Wright andJacob Laughlin —who surpassed the course record.
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Everton fourth-grader Adrianna Marcum crosses the finish line in first place at the2019 Fall Elementary Cross County championship at Roberts Park on Saturday. Marcum finished in a time of 10:14.0, missing the course record by only six seconds.

By GRADY TATE - gtate@newsexaminer.com

More than 200 local elementary-aged children stepped up to the starting line of the 2019 Fall Elementary Cross County championship, hosted by the Fayette County Running Club, the event held at Roberts Park on Saturday.

Runners from seven local schools competed in both a boys and girls 1.5-mile run to determine individual champions, and issue bragging rights to the winning school.

Closing the day with those rights was Everton, the school a few miles south of Connersville winning both titles.

“I am so happy for Everton,” Kelli House, race coordinator said afterward.

Last year’s winners were Maplewood for the boys and St. Gabriel among the girls. Both finished in the runner-up spots this year.

The finish in the girls race was particularly close, Everton knocking off the defending champs by two points (48-50).

“It was so close, that the kids weren’t sure who was the winner until it was announced,” House said.

Following the top two girls teams were squads from Fayette Central, Maplewood, Frazee, Grandview and Eastview.

The Everton boys beat Maplewood by nine points (41-50). Frazee was third, followed by St. Gabriel, Grandview, Fayette Central and Eastview.

Individually, the top three boys were Kingston O’Toole (9:20.2) from Maplewood, and the duo of Drew Wright (9:24.7) and Jacob Laughlin (9:48.9), both from Everton.

“It was incredible watching those boys run,” House said. “All three of those boys beat the course record, established by Jake Richardson last year. Richardson is now a middle school runner, so that was amazing.”

Leading the girls to the finish line was the trio of Adrianna Marcum (10:14.0) from Everton, Chloe Keal (10:21.7) from St. Gabriel and Kennedy O’Toole (10:47.5) from Maplewood.

“Marcum was six seconds off last year’s course mark, set by Charlotte Latham, who is now a seventh-grader,” House said. 

In spite of the faster times that the runners are bringing to the competition, House said she was most happy with the community participation throughout the afternoon.

“There was just a fantastic showing of community support for these kids,” she pointed out. “We had family and friends running alongside the competitors, and had them dashing across the park, trying to catch up with their runners. It was just so exciting to see that kind of support for these kids.”

In total, 94 girls and 115 boys stepped up to the starting line. Additionally, there were 30 pre-school through first-grade kids who participated in a fun run.

For complete results from Saturday’s races, go to www.stuart roadracing.com



Team Standings

Boys — 1. Everton 41, 2. Maplewood 50, 3. Frazee 81, 4. St. Gabriel 107, 5. Grandview 114, 6. Fayette Central 128, 7. Eastview 184

Girls — 1. Everton 48, 2. St. Gabriel 50, 3. Fayette Central 79, 4. Maplewood 94, 5. Frazee 119, 6. Grandview 129, 7. Eastview 157.

Age Group standings


(Top 3 in each grade)

Second grade — 1. Claire Harvey (St. Gabriel) 14:27.6; 2. Chloe Wright (Everton) 14:33.0; 3. Sammi Lakes (St. Gabriel) 15:08.2.

Third grade — 1. Kiayah McKinney (Fayette Central) 12:09.1; 2. Ellah Turley (St. Gabriel) 12:22.1; 3. Teegan Selby (Everton) 12:23.7.

Fourth grade — 1. Adrianna Marcum (Everton) 10:14.0; 2. Ilene Taylor (Fayette Central) 11:40.6; 3. Chelsie Carpenter (Frazee) 11:43.8.

Fifth grade — 1. Chloe Keal (St. Gabriel) 10:21.7; 2. Rylee Ruf (Everton) 10:57.4; 3. Madison Osborn (Everton) 11:06.0.

Sixth grade — 1. Kennedy O’Toole (Maplewood) 10:47.5; 2. Abby Keal (St. Gabriel) 11:37.1; 3. Dawson Jackson (Maplewood) 11:42.0.


(Top 3 in each grade)

Second grade — 1. Garrett Grubbs (Everton) 11:11.3; 2. Graham Pflum (St. Gabriel) 11:17.2; 3. Bentley Sparks (Eastview) 11:41.2.

Third grade — 1. Adam Allen (Maplewood) 11:31.8; 2. Brayden Flannery (Everton) 11:45.8; 3. Owen Good (Frazee)12:04.7.

Fourth grade — 1. Eric Evans (Fayette Central) 10:54.4; 2. Kooper Montgomery (Grandview) 11:11.7; 3. Kadyn Chhoeuy (Maplewood) 11:14.4.

Fifth grade — 1. Kingston O’Toole (Maplewood) 9:20.2; 2. Jacob Laughlin (Everton) 9:48.9; 3. Noah Bell (Maplewood) 10:12.4.

Sixth grade — 1. Drew Wright (Everton) 9:24.7; 2. Arthur Struewing (St. Gabriel) 10:28.3; 3. Axle Pflum (St. Gabriel) 10:58.1.