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If I walk in a place of business and somebody has a gun hanging off of them, the first thing I think of sure isn’t “oh that makes me feel safe.” As a matter of fact I would wonder why they had the gun and what they plan to do with it. Are they going to be the next mass shooter? If guns are so helpful why do the mass shootings keep happening? If there’s more guns than people in the United States why isn’t somebody shooting the mass shooters before they do all their killings? Kathy Miller
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Open carry is ignorant anyway. You apply for a “concealed” carry permit. No one needs to know you have a gun. Andrew Harsh
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It’s whatever. Although I have mixed emotions about open carry, it’s up to them. You can still concealed carry. I like the element of surprise anyway! J.R. Lunsford
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Open or concealed, if you have a permit you should have the right to carry Brittany Miller
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I’m not crazy about this news but as a business that have the right to post no firearms allowed. Now far as the ammunition going to lose business or that. Sam Walton would be embarrassed by this action. Jamie Durham
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I will shop somewhere else as much as possible from now on. Gun free zones aren’t safe. Very disappointed with this decision. Jamie Loper
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I used to carry every day. I stopped carrying the day twenty small children were massacred at Sandy Hook. I applaud Walmart for making this decision. Kevin Rose
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It’s their choice to make those business decisions, but It sounds like they don’t want my business, and that’s the beauty of the free market. Bryan Sasser

We asked: Walmart will stop selling handgun ammunition and is asking customers to refrain from openly carrying firearms in the stores even where states allow it. How do you feel about this?