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Facebook Callout

1 / 10
Everyone needs to pack heat. People would think twice about shooting into crowds. Also think they need tougher gun laws on semi automatic guns. – Tabby Pursifull
2 / 10
First of all we need to bring God back into the places that the government has taken Him out of! Then you need to compile a profile of people that have had help with a Mental Health Issue. Then just like a person that has a mugshot take their picture then when they go to get a weapon their picture will pop up. Plus add onto that if a person gets a weapon for someone who has been red flagged and the person commits a mass shooting or any other murder the person who bought the weapon gets charged with murder. I guarantee you do that and alot of this would stop. – Marsha Day
3 / 10
Be like Japan. It should be required to take classes to learn how to use a gun and a mental evaluation then every couple of years, take the classes and evaluation again to make sure you’re still capable of owning a gun. – Charlene Hymer
4 / 10
Needs to start in the households and the schools, children need discipline and God. Infringing on the 2nd amendment will not change anything, if they want to cause harm they will find a way. To many mentally ill people with bad hearts. – Jamey Vail
5 / 10
Research shows most mass shooters have had some sort of mental issues/trauma/abuse. Identify and get them help. Stricter background checks, ALL gun sales should include a thorough background check. We had a ban on assault weapon sales, Congress let that expire. We need a ban on assault weapons, the damage they do to the human body is so much worse than a hand gun. Eliminate politicians taking money from lobbyists, them maybe they would make better decisions instead of lining their pockets. – Joe Minnerick
6 / 10
We can say that stricter gun laws won’t work, but this happens nowhere else in the world. – Hank O’Neal
7 / 10
One step needs to be depriving potential shooters of the means to carry out their plans. Potential shooting sites can be made less accessible with visible security measures such as metal detectors and police officers. And weapons need to be better controlled, through age restrictions. is to try to make it more difficult for potential perpetrators to find validation for their planned actions. Media campaigns like nonotoriety are helping starve perpetrators of the oxygen of publicity, and technology companies are increasingly being held accountable for facilitating mass violence. But we all can slow the spread of mass shootings. by changing how we consume, produce, and distribute violent content on media and social media. Don’t like or share violent content. Don’t read or share killers’ manifestos and other hate screeds posted on the internet. We also need to study our current approaches. For example, do lockdown and active shooter drills help children prepare for the worst or hand potential shooters the script for mass violence by rehearsing it. Most mass public shooters are suicidal, and their crises are often well known to others before the shooting occurs. The vast majority of mass shooters leak their plans ahead of time. People who see or sense something is wrong, however, may not always say something to someone owing to the absence of clear reporting protocols or fear of overreaction and unduly labeling a person as a potential threat. Proactive violence prevention starts with schools, colleges, churches and employers initiating conversations about mental health and establishing systems for identifying individuals in crisis, reporting concerns and reaching out. Everyone should be trained to recognize the signs of a crisis. These are some of things we are taught through Walmart where I work to help prevent the shooter – Christina Coon
8 / 10
Maybe if parents would give kids as much attention as they do social media these days and kids actually had more of a relationship with their parents and friends and sat their phones down as well it would be different. Kids worry about followers and shares on pictures today than anything. – Justin Wicker
9 / 10
Allow those with permits to carry! Like the fair recently, if a mass shooting would have occurred, no one could have stopped it. However, if legal gun owners weren’t banned from carrying, they could stop it in a heartbeat. – Amanda Telker
10 / 10
People with mental problems that can no longer get help without them asking for it. Most of them says there’s nothing wrong with them so there’s no help. Until they hurt themselves or others. Then it’s too late. Family should be allowed to have their loved ones evaluated. I also believe that a lot of the problem is hate. Hate for the American people and our beliefs. Stop letting illegals into our country. – Willa Flannery

How can mass shootings like the recent El Paso and Dayton shootings, be prevented?