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Gallop for freedom

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Runners leave the starting line at the 41st Liberty Freedom Run, Saturday in Liberty. A total of 56 men and 42 women took part in the 4.7-mile journey from downtown Liberty to Brownsville.
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Winners from the 41st annual Liberty Freedom Run pose with their trophies, Saturday morning on the Liberty square. Connersville’s Adam Arndt, left, and Liberty’s Priscilla Kelley were the respective over all winners for the men and women. For Kelley, the win was her second straight at the event.
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Connersville’s Roger Tyler heads down the home stretch at the 41st Liberty Freedom Run, Saturday in Brownsville. Tyler completed the 4.7-mile course from Liberty to Brownsville in a time of 36:25.8, good enough for first-place in his age group.

By GRADY TATE - gtate@newsexaminer.com

LIBERTY — They came from communities all over Indiana, from towns like Alexandria, Bath, Lynn, West College Corner and Whitestown, to name a few.

They also came from nearby places like Brookville, Centerville, Connersville, Hagerstown and Richmond, ready to challenge the course for the 41st annual Liberty Freedom Run.

The course, which winds its way between Liberty and nearby Brownsville, is only 4.7 miles long, but still poses a big test for participants.

“I found it a little harder than last year,” Connersville’s Adam Arndt said, following the run. “There is a really big hill in the middle of the course, and that was quite a challenge.”

Arndt was the over all winner for the men’s division, the Connersville 16-year-old covering the course in a time of 28:29.4.

“My goal was to get first or second,” he said, following a fourth-place finish in the run one year ago. “About a mile in, I caught up with the leaders and started passing them. Then I pulled in front of them a little bit. I felt pretty confident after that.”

The winner in the girls race, Liberty’s Priscilla Kelley, also found the going a little difficult.

“It was harder this year, compared to last. I felt like I pushed myself a little harder this year. I didn’t think that the monster (hill) was all that bad last year. This year, however, it really got to me.”

Kelley’s win in a time of 35:45.7 makes her a repeat winner at the event, as she was also the over all women’s champion last July.

“It was hotter this year, and I didn’t train as much for the race, as I did last year,” she admitted. “Those things made it a lot harder this time around. My favorite thing in the run today was that final hill, because it’s all downhill to the finish line.”

In addition to runners from Liberty and the surrounding communities in Indiana, the Freedom Run also attracted runners from Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, and even one runner — Amy Canto — from Las Vegas, NV.

A total of 98 runners — 56 men and 42 women — took part in the running portion of the event.

The Liberty Freedom Run also welcomes those who wish to walk the course, and 26 individuals registered for that.

For the first time since its creation more than 40 years ago, Tim Woodruff and his family was not in charge of the event, as it was handed down this year to the Union County Development Corporation.

Executive Assistant with the UCDC, Dawnn Ripberger, believed that, in spite of this being the first time for her organization to run things, the day went rather smoothly.

“I think everything went pretty good, over all,” she said. “We had a couple bumps in the road, but those are things that we can fix next year. We had a good turnout, even though the day was super hot. “I am very happy with the way things went during our first year running the event.”

Ripberger said that, in spite of the heat, she didn’t believe that the numbers took much of a hit this year.

“I don’t think that the heat hurt us all that much,” she said. “We had a lot of people register right before the race, and that put our numbers in line with where they were last year.”

The heat did serve as a teacher for next year, however, she added.

“One of the biggest things we learned during our first time running the race is that we need to have more water for the competitors,” she said.



(at Liberty)


Top 5 (over all)

1. Priscilla Kelley, Liberty, 36:45.7; 2. Katie Stofleth, Indianapolis, 38:53.7; 3. Britini Gettinger, Richmond 40:42.3; 4. Victoria Gauck, Greensburg, 41:32.5; 5. Crescinda McClintock, Centerville, 42:25.7.

Women 12-under

1. Victoria Gauck, Greensburg, 41:32.5; 2. Keena Barker, Richmond, 43:16.3; 3. Lillian Goecke, Liberty, 49:02.6; 4. Kelsey Dare, Liberty, 1:01:01.3; 5. Julia West, Liberty, 1:01:44.0; 6. Samantha West, Liberty, 1:02:23.1; 7. Melanie Goecke, Liberty, 1:02:35.9.

Ages 13-15

1. Tess Hendrickson, Savannah (GA), 45:47.1; 2. Julianna Goecke, Liberty, 53:29.2; 3. Bailey Boatright, Liberty, 57:35.0.


Ages 16-18

1. Vanessa West, Liberty, 44:32.1; 2 Hannah Jones, Liberty, 57:58.6.

Ages 19-24

1. Samantha Ramey, Liberty, 44:26.3; 2. Emily Bantz, Oxford (Ohio), 44:54.4; 3. Meagan Ellinger, Bath, 45:01.8; 4. Brianna Nixon, West College Corner, 1:00:45.3.


Ages 25-29

1. Mallory Chalfant, Liberty, 43:28.2. 


Ages 30-34

1.Tonya Paxton, Liberty, 47:01.3; 2. Abby Hildibrand, Brookville, 48:23.1; 3. Julie Kelley, Liberty, 1:00:55.3.


Ages 35-39

1. Sabrina Taylor ,Connersville, 46:22.0; 2. Ashleigh Philbeck, Hamilton (Ohio), 49:42.4; 3. Rachel Sweet, Liberty, 53:25.1; 4. Tracy Stephenson, Alexandria (KY), 54:15.5; 5. Lindsay Boatright, Liberty, 57:40.9; 6. Jennifer Woodruff, Liberty, 59:37.2.


Ages 40-47

1. Crescinda McClintock, Centerville, 42:25.7; 2. Amy Canto, Las Vegas (NV), 43:16.9; 3. Daisy Logue, Liberty, 46:03.5; 4 . Charmin Gabbard, Connersville, 46:03.8; 5. Stacey Roell, West Alexandria (Ohio), 51:16.7; 6. Heather Caldwell, Connersville, 1:17.3; 7. Christine Volz, College Corner (Ohio), 1:03:48.2.


Ages 48-55

1. Shannon Orr, Liberty, 53:06.0; 2. Mellissa Stephens, Richmond, 55:41.6; 3. Lisa Goecke, Liberty, 55:56.5; 4. Susan Bantz, Oxford (Ohio), 1:03:47.5; 5. Cindy Morgan, Liberty, 1:06:54.1.

Ages 56-63

1. Ellen Jaeger, Oxford (Ohio), 1:00:54.6; 2. Kim Buttery, Liberty, 1:13:46.0.

Ages 64-71

1. Debbie Templin, Moraine (Ohio), 54:29.5; 2. Darlene Chewning, Liberty, 59:57.9.


Top 5 (over all)

1. Adam Arndt, Connersville, 28:29.4; 2. Jason Newport, Eaton (Ohio), 28:53.9; 3. Aaron Cox, Alexandria (KY), 29:09.6; 4. Austin Wampler, Milton, 29:18.3; 5. Logan Torre, Green Fork, 30:04.4.


Men 12-under

1. Dalton Justice, Williamsburg, 46:48.1.


Men 13-15

1. Ethan Powers, Liberty, 44:19.8; 2. Rhett Hollen, Liberty, 52:15.9.


Men 16-18

1. Adam Nadler, Hagerstown, 32:06.0; 2. Graham Hendrickson, Savannah (GA), 34:24.9; 3. Ethan Harris, Connersville, 34:28.8; 4. Sean Brown, Connersville, 34:31.2; 5. Andrew Grant, Laurel, 36:26.9; 6. Jordan Hertel, Oxford (Ohio), 43:26.7.


Men 19-24

1. Ravi Dare, Liberty, 30:50.5; 2. Ryan Abbott, West College Corner, 44:52.2; 3. Noah Migoski, Liberty, 57:59.3.

Men 25-29

1. Ben Turner, Centerville, 40:20.3.


Men 30-34

1. Kendrick Ferriell, West Chester (Ohio), 47:36.9; 2. Michael McKee, Centerville, 49:05.1. 


Men 35-39

1. Ron Ross, Liberty, 30:48.0; 2. Ben Goins, Liberty, 38:52.9; 3. John Stephenson, Florence (KY); 41:19.7; 4. Eddie Weaver, Dayton (Ohio), 54:29.3; 5. Jacob Dare, Liberty, 59:09.8.


Men 40-47

1. Dave Snow, Richmond, 34:04.2; 2. Jesse Jaynes, Centerville, 37:06.1; 3. Tim Rude, Liberty, 38:21.9; 4. Mark Cox, Richmond, 41:54.8;  5. Philip Cox, Liberty, 43:30.7; 6. Scott Lugue, Liberty, 46:26.3; 7. Joel Conaway, Connersville, 53:06.7.


Men 48-55

1. Trevor McIntyre, Connersville, 32:53.1; 2. Jimmy Hisle, Connersville, 37:54.1; 3. Jim Migoski, Liberty, 39:41.9;  4. Lonnie McClintock, Centerville, 42:26.2; 5. Brian Fisher, Centerville, 49:05.3; 6. George Sowers, Richmond, 49:51.1. 


Men 56-63

1. Roger Tyler, Connersville, 36:25.8; 2. Herbert Jaeger, Oxford (Ohio), 39:11.8; 3. Bryan Stinson, Brownsville, 39:30.5; 4. Jeff Smith, Losantville, 41:45.3; 5. Tony Schrank, Whitestown, 43:26.4;  6. Steven Proeschel, Trenton (Ohio), 48:44.6; 7. Michael Miniun, Oxford (Ohio), 49:01.5;  8. Edwin Black, Lynn, 51:54.8; 9. Abe Dare, Liberty, 54:10.7; 10. Paul Cotton, Connersville, 58:48.7.


Men 64-71

1. Dana Reihman, Richmond, 41:53.4; 2. John Harlan, Oxford (Ohio), 44:04.7; 3. Jim Robertson, Richmond,  47:28.1; 4. Steve Younce, Alexandria, 49:57.8.


Men 72-over

1. Gene Black, Camden (Ohio), 1:02:11.3; 2. David Caldwell, Connersville, 1:02:58.2.


1. Eric Woodruff, Indianapolis, 38:54.9; 2. Erik Hendrickson, Savannah (GA), 40:26.6; 3. Rusty Hensley, Liberty, 46:39.1; 4. Eric Honeycutt, Richmond, 54:57.8.

No age provided

1. Jason Corn, Connersville, 45:50.1.