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New tax is too much to add

I am responding to your article in the weekend edition, June 29 [New tax may ease pay crunch]. We realize that the county employees deserve a raise as well as most employees. We all enjoy getting a raise every time that we get one, but we feel that the 0.2% is way too much to add to our taxes. I work in another county and every two weeks, they are taking out $56 for Fayette County Taxes from my check. I am old enough to retire but I really do not want to retire yet, but I think it probably would be to my advantage. It seems that I am paying a little under one-half of my check for insurance, taxes, etc. By the time I drive to Indianapolis spending gas money and the wear and tear on my car, I would be better off staying home and collecting a retirement check each month.

Again, I feel sorry for the officers and other public employees that are underpaid and they need a raise, especially since some of them have very dangerous jobs. I think that the committee members need to look at the big picture and pull money from another fund to give them a raise.

Also, I wonder what happened to the wheel tax that was added to fix our county roads a few years back. We live in Columbia and Columbia Road is a mess and has been for a long time. If you drive the speed limit, you chance blowing a tire due to the holes in the road. These same holes have been in the road for years.

I think that everyone on this committee needs to resign because apparently no one is doing their job correctly. If you do your research Fayette County is one of the poorest counties in our state. I really feel sorry for the people that work here and live here that are poverty level. Do you think that they can afford to give any more than what they are already giving to this county? Do you realize that this county has working parents that can not afford to give their children three meals a day?

Apparently, this committee needs to look at the whole picture,

-- John and Miriam Struewing, Connersville