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Thieves steal kayaks from Girl Scouts

By LEANA CHOATE - lchoate@newsexaminer.com

Summer didn’t get off to a good start for two local Girl Scouts. 

Thieves stole three kayaks from the backyard of the Connersville residence of two young Girl Scouts who had worked hard to get them.

“It takes selling 1,000 boxes of cookies to earn the kayak incentive,” a local Girl Scout leader said. “It is a huge commitment to sell that many cookies.”

The property owner, Robert Ward, initially reported the robbery to Connersville Police on Monday, May 27, the day the theft occurred. Security footage of the theft was turned over to police later and it ended up on at least two Indianapolis TV stations. The video, which can be viewed on the News-Examiner Facebook page, shows two men picking up the lightweight kayaks and walking off with them. When a light comes on, one starts running.

CPD Detective Dax Gunder initially reported that at about 3:30 a.m. May 27, two unidentified males came into the yard and stole the three boats.

“The brand of the kayaks are Pelican, each are white on the bottom. One is blue, another is a lime or bright green, and the last is described as sea foam green. There were no other identifying marks provided,” according to a post on Connersville PD Detectives Facebook page.

The CPD as well as members of the community are coming together to try and catch the thieves, sharing and helping spread the video that caught the two thieves in action across Facebook.

“I’m a dad first and I wouldn’t want to see that happen to one of my kids,” Gunder said in an interview with Channel 13. “Working in a smaller community, people on the outside, definitely when it happens to a child, they’re definitely more empowered to back the kids and help us find who stole these.”

CPD believes the two male suspects are in their early 20s. One has short dark hair and the second has long blonde or brown hair and was wearing a baseball hat backwards.

CPD encourages anyone with information to contact the CPD at 765-825-2111 or send a direct message to the Connersville PD Detectives Facebook page. All information given will remain confidential.

Girl Scouts of Central Indiana’s vice president Ellen Winking will be in contact with the two girls’ family in an effort to see what they can do to help, Deana Potterf, chief communications officer of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, said.