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Technology is good in one way, it’s made it easier to stay in touch with family and friends that are away and not able to see them very often. Being able to keep up by way of pic & info online is great. But the fact that are young people are growing up not knowing how to read a clock that is not digital or to read or write in cursive is sad, I think some history is lost to them because of it. Jackie George Church
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Technology has proven valuable in many aspects of our lives. We should embrace the growth and with it the changes in our world. However, I do feel that we all need a connection with others to help us learn about what really matters. Sometimes technology hinders those connections. I tell my granddaughters that I will be happy if they learn one thing from me. Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. Sheila Sizemore
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Yes technology is a good thing. It connects us with the world, making it much smaller. It allows us to experience things we wouldn’t otherwise be able to see, or hear. It allows us to work smarter, not harder. Technology allows us to increase our knowledge and that is powerful. Change means growth. Lisa Lankford
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I think we are more ‘connected’ than ever, but we have fewer real relationships. We’ve replaced them with social media, and I think people are lonelier than they’ve ever been. Sarah Lutz

The News-Examiner asked on Facebook: Technology is changing everything in day to day lives, is this a good thing?