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Robber points gun, takes money


When a man came into the Village Pantry store Saturday, Natasha McHugh turned around to get him the Newport Reds that he asked for.

"When I turned back around, he had a gun pointed at my head," she said.

McHugh had been working at the store, 513 W. 3rd St., for just three weeks. She asked the man not to hurt her: "I've got three babies and I'm all they have," she said.

The handgun "looked just like a cop gun, with a silencer on it," she said. He told her to hand over the money or he'd kill her, she said.

She opened the cash drawer, handed him some money, and he ran out of the store, she said.

She pushed a store alarm button and called 9-1-1. She called for another store employee to come out of a back room where he had been working.

McHugh said the man had driven up to the store at about 1:30 a.m. and got out of a white sports car. She said he was a white male with brown hair, dressed in black and red, wearing a hoodie. He had dog tags that reminded her of gang wear.

She said Brad Rosser of Connersville Police Department responded to her call, investigated and took fingerprints. She was hopeful police would find and arrest a suspect soon.

CPD didn't have a report Monday morning. Village Pantry store management said they couldn't comment.

"I was scared to death," McHugh said on Monday afternoon. "I haven't left my house since."