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... my 1 year old who watches educational TV and educational videos is doing and sayinga lot more than my 5 year old did at that age. ... the programs they have on tablets and computers really help. ... But I’m not saying stick them on a tablet all day because... the hands-on learning, discussions is important. I work in an elementary school and I see that teachers use technology to teach, but they also teach the old-fashioned way. – Breanna Jean Sorrell
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While it has its benefits for sure, I think assignments requiring a student to write answers or papers on the iPad while using it for the reference material simultaneously is hindering their information absorption. They need to be able to still have access to a textbook. But the schools aren’t supplying them to take home, leaving the student stuck in a cross reference nightmare. – Lynette Eklund
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This world is more and more technology dependent so it is important for our children to be able to keep up with it. That being said, I also believe it is just as important for children to learn some things the old way. Subjects like home economics and agriculture are a necessity for life and need to be taught hands on. – Brittany Johnson
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I think kids need 1:1 help from the teachers, not always on technology. Some kids do not always understand things just learning on an iPad or computer. –Erin Cooper

What are your opinions on technology in schools?