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Hang in there, newspaper



It's unfortunate that the decision had to be made to deliver our Connersville News-Examiner by USPS rather than home delivery. I'm sure there are many factors playing their part in this difficult decision.

All of my adult life I have subscribed to the News-Examiner, partly because my parents always did and partly because I felt the newspaper gave me more facts than I would get from on-the-street hearsay.

I appreciate you, your staff and the many dedicated people of years past who made the effort to keep hometown newsgathering alive for us. The local guest columnists are especially interesting to me.

Your online publishing has been a benefit to me as I read my News-Examiner as I travel. But I am of the age that I don't understand not ever wanting to hold the printed page in hand. Not spreadsheets and reports, not a good book, not a bible, not a newspaper. At least you have seen to it that we will still have a local newspaper where many small cities and towns have lost that pleasure.

I hear of many displeased customers of various topics. I too, on occasion, have not been happy with my service. That is because I have compared that occasional mishap with the many years of excellent service from my current and former newspaper carriers. My wife and I have lived in our current home for nearly 20 hears and my carrier drops my newspaper at my door during rain or shine or snow-drifted driveway.

I hope we always have a local newspaper. If I have to get my news from on-the-street, Facebook or the local coffee shop, it will certainly be distorted information.

I appreciate that I still will be receiving my Connersville News-Examiner although I'm saddened to hear local newspaper carriers will be losing their jobs and income. Hang in there for us and for the sake of hometown newspapers.

-- David Nutty, Connersville