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Some quality spring cleaning during Eastview recess time

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Kindergarten students at Eastview Elementary spent their recess time cleaning up sticks and trash around the school’s property to help the custodian, Gary Patterson.
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Students at Eastview Elementary School wanted to help the custodian, Gary Patterson, clean up theschool yard before he had to mow.Pictured with sticks are, from left, Pattie Penland, Maizy Blazek and Christopher Austin.

By LEANA CHOATE - lchoate@newsexaminer.com

Custodians at Eastview Elementary received help last week when some students helped pick up trash and sticks around the school.

Kindergarten classes of Shari Phegley and Becky Hockersmith decided they wanted to help Eastview’s custodian, Gary Patterson, clean the area around the school before he mowed the grass.

“It was awesome, we wanted to help Mr. Gary because he works and works and works,” Kyra Branstetter, a kindergarten student, said. 

The students voluntarily took time from their recess every day to make it happen.

“We had been talking about Earth Day in class, and I knew that Mr. Patterson would have to mow the grass soon, so I suggested we help him out with picking up sticks,” Phegley said. 

Both kindergarten classes spent days cleaning up the sticks around the school yard, Phegley said.

After picking up all the sticks, Phegley said the students are the one who suggested they start cleaning up the trash around the school, too.

“The kids thought it was awesome,” Phegley said. 

The class discussed how to be kind to others and help them out when they needed it, or to help out just to be nice.

“It was fun because we helped out someone else,” Jace Mullins, a kindergarten student, said.

“It says a lot about our students and school when kiddos voluntarily spend part of their recess to help to take care of our school grounds,” Eastview’s principal James Small wrote on Twitter.