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Creative People

Judy Hreno painted a picture of a flower in a painting she calls Florida Orchid. This is one of Hreno’s many paintings. Most of which she can’t bring from her house because they are on too big of a canvas. Hreno paints on bigger canvases because it helps her abstract style flow better.

By LEANA CHOATE - lchoate@newsexaminer.com

Judy Hreno is an artist from Connersville who paints more than what meets the eye.

Hreno, much like her husband, Terry Hreno, is an artist. But unlike her husband, Judy Hreno is an abstract artist. 

Abstract art is a form of art that allows the artist to freely paint or draw using a visual language such as shape, form, lines and colors to create an image that represents something that isn’t necessarily in the image itself.

Her father, Max Oakley, got her into art. 

“My dad is how I started and got interested into art,” Hreno said. “He was a great artist.”

Hreno has been a member of the Whitewater Valley Arts Association since she was a young girl.

“My dad was a member since ‘63, and it was a family membership, so I’ve been a member since.”

Hreno says that with abstract art, you can really get a sense of what the artist is going through when they painted the piece.

“I like that you can express yourself through it (abstract art). Happiness, sadness, heartbreak – you can put that into it. I’ve had people tell me that they could tell I was going through a bad time when they saw some of my work,” Hreno said.

Hreno said it takes her some time to paint a piece.

“I’ll paint and want something else, so I’ll paint over what I already painted with something else, and then I’ll paint over that and it keeps going until I finally have what I want,” Hreno laughed. “All of my paintings have layers under them of what I started with.”

Hreno hopes that more people will come to understand the idea of abstract art.

“People like realism because they can look at it and know exactly what it is,” Hreno said. “But they look at abstract art and they don’t see and know exactly what it is. With abstract art, you have to think about it.”

Creative People is a weekly series of articles in the Connersville News-Examiner. Readers who want to suggest someone local for the series may contact the News-Examiner at news@newsexaminer.com or call Leana Choate, reporter, at 765-825-0588 ext. 222.