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Creative People

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Lexi Keen drew this piece, a boy named Augi, with hands for feet. Keen said his genius mind grants him amazing supernatural powers and he travels around the world looking for more knowledge and truths within our world.
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This is a Lexi Keen’s depiction of a living Fiji mermaid. She wanted to create an accurate sculpture of what a real one might look like. The sculpture is made out of polymer clay, tissue paper, and other found materials.

By LEANA CHOATE - lchoate@newsexaminer.com

Lexi Keen is a 19-year-old local artist who creates art pieces to tell stories.

Tracy Burns, a fiber artist and member of the Whitewater Arts Association, recommended Keen as creative person of the week.

“She helped paint the murals around town and she did a really great job,” Burns said.

In 2018, Keen designed and painted the mural of movie producer Robert E. Wise at 6th and Central.

“I’ve been in art ever since I could paint in ketchup and mustard as a baby,” Keen said. “I mostly do art in my free time.”

Keen works in multiple art media, including anything from painting and drawing, charcoal to digital and sculpting.

“Most of the things I create usually have stories behind them that I’ve made up,” Keen said. 

Sometimes, Keen uses various materials.

In a sculpture she made not long ago of a Fiji Mermaid, Keen used tissue paper along with polymer clay and other “odds and ends laying around,” Keen said. 

“I just want people to enjoy my work and appreciate their meanings in the viewer’s own way,” Keen said.

With every new piece, Keen learns something more about art and herself as well.

“I hope to learn more art media as I get older,” Keen said. 

Keen said she wishes that people would take an interest in a form of art as well.

“I would like if more people would invest some time at the Whitewater Valley Arts Association. Even if they think they’re not good. It’s important to at least learn something,” she said

Keen is applying to the Herron School of Art, a professional art and design school in Indianapolis, and hopes to make a career for herself in the art field.