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Shopping fun

St. Gabriel Church had its annual auction Saturday morning at the Expo Hall. Household items, glass figurines, home furniture and electronics were among items that caught the eyes of bidders.



Some people shopped by putting in bids during the fast-paced St. Gabriel auction on Saturday while others browsed at their own pace in the flea market.

St. Gabriel Church hosted its annual auction and flea market at Expo Hall, 2690 Park Road. Some people came to bid on items, even if they weren’t supposed to. 

John Sidwel said he took Saturday morning to himself, away from his wife, to attend the auction.

“I’m not supposed to be spending any money out here. I can’t bring my wife because she says I spend too much money,” Sidwel laughed. 

Volunteers brought in items being auctioned off ranging from glass jars, glass and clay figurines and home furniture, to tablets and electronics. Mike and Roger Koons provided the auctioneer service.

All the proceeds will go to St. Gabriel Church. 

“I like that the proceeds go to the church,” Sidwel said. “Maybe if I buy something expensive I can tell my wife our money went to good.” 

One thing for sure: some people took bidding very seriously.

“My husband will ‘shhh’ me while we’re at auctions,” Catherine Lakes, who doesn’t like to attend auctions but goes with her husband, said. “I like the flea market side. While he’s over there I can pass the time by shopping and looking through things over here.”

While the auction took place, a flea market attracted browsers and shoppers to the other side of Expo Hall. Most wives took to the flea market while others sat with their husbands at the fast-paced auction.

“I don’t really have a strategy for bidding at auctions,” Sidwel said. “Unless it’s something I really want, I don’t go very high.” 

“It is fun,” Lakes said. “Everyone gets to interact and have fun. It’s good.”