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Facebook Callout

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I don’t agree with enabling the addicts. There’s help for all who seek help. You have to realize that you need help in order to receive help. The help gets rejected, it’s been rejected for thousands of years. But it’s still available. – Denise Bill Legere
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I don’t understand how people on drugs can get handed things and people with diabetes pay dearly for theirs. But I know with or without these things they could spread serious diseases. – Danita Sue
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The high cost of medicine is a real problem, but that is not the subject here. Lives should be saved. Period. – Kevin Edward Rose
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Decreasing the spread of disease is a good thing. I hope they renew it. – Tammy Jo Trent Legere

We asked on Facebook: The Fayette County syringe exchange program is up for renewal in August. The SEP decreases the chance of disease transmission by providing clean needles, educational resources and bringing attention to the harm that can come from the reuse of needles, cotton balls, etc. What are your thoughts?