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A happy Xavier, front and center, showsa gift from some of the Connersville Police officers who visited him to celebrate his good accomplishments in school.

Sometimes we get messages at the Connersville News-Examiner that tell a story that needs no filters – the joy just shines through. Such is this one that came as a private message from Anya Parker, a mother who wanted to share her joy about something that some Connersville Police officers have been doing for her son.

So this happened last night about 9 p.m. (Monday, Feb. 4).

The officers in this town go above and beyond for Xavier and always stay consistent and up to date with his schooling and grades and sports. All through last year and this year they stop by or when they see him outside playing, they always stop and check on him and talk to him about the importance of school and tell him what a great job he is doing. They have given him T-shirts, money and even stuff for him to use at school.

Last year Clint Brown picked him up and took him on the fishing trip they all went on, where they gave him a very nice fishing pole, a backpack, a T-shirt and some supplies for fishing. Sometimes they just stop and chat with him about basketball and just every day stuff.

Usually people talk negatively about our police officers but I’m here to tell u that our guys in this town are great people, at least they are to me and my family. They even spoke to him about some of the racisim and bullying he has went thru and gave him some good advice.

So last night when these four officers came knocking on our door in this nasty cold weather to congratulate Xavier on making the honor roll and present him with a gift card to McDonald’s and to all tell him what a great kid he is, I was seriously overjoyed.

Thanks again you guys for taking an interest in Xavier.

– Anya Parks

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