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Senators need to know support for redistricting reform

Thank you, Sen. Greg Walker for putting us one baby step closer to Redistricting Reform in Indiana. The senator brought his bill, SB105, up for a hearing in the Senate Elections Committee and it will now go before the senate for a vote as early as this week. Please contact your state senator as soon as possible and tell her or him to vote yes on SB105.

If you have been following the redistricting battle in Indiana, you might know that this bill is not quite what we hoped for. This bill sets standards for drawing new Congressional and state legislative maps, but it does not give the job to an independent, nonpartisan commission. It will undoubtedly leave the job up to our state legislators, who will draw the maps to suit themselves. But a hearing for SB105 is a step in the right direction, so we need to get it passed.

As this bill goes through the legislative process, it can be made stronger, but it needs to be passed by the Indiana Senate first. So when you contact your state senator to tell him or her to vote for SB105, tell him or her that you want a fair and impartial redistricting process in place when new districts are drawn in 2021. Tell her or him to work with Common Cause Indiana and the All IN for Democracy coalition to strengthen this bill so it prohibits politicians from using redistricting to protect themselves and keep their political party in power. Tell them it is time for voters to be more fairly represented because that is not happening now. Tell them that your vote should represent you more fairly than it does now.

Barbara Blue, Connersville