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Students explore math and science

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Students at Math and Science Exploration night at Everton Elementary were challenged to build a pyramid inside of a triangle base with 15 blocks.
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Students had the opportunity at Everton Elementary’s Math and Science Exploration night to participate in an activity that demonstrated how the earth rotates.
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Students at Everton Elementary participate in the Math and Science Exploration night by trying to form four equal triangles with six sticks.

By LEANA CHOATE - lchoate@newsexaminer.com

Everton Elementary hosted its first Math and Science Exploration night Monday.

Students could explore math and science with hands-on experiences provided by the Center of Science and Industry from Columbus, Ohio, said Bryan Jennings, school principal. COSI brought a box-truck full of science activities for the students to explore.

Activity stations were set up in the gym. Students could building pyramids inside a triangle base using only 15 geometric shapes. Some students were instructed to build a structure to create a pathway for a marble to roll through to get from one end to the other. Students also had to construct a word using shapes that were given to them.

Students learned about the rotation of the earth in an activity that required them to swing a ball attached to a string until it was moving back and forth, while rotating the base that the ball and string was on.

The night wasn’t just for exploring the fields of math and science, Jennings said, it was for the students to learn.

“Seeing the students with smiles on their faces and learning was amazing,” Jennings said.

There was no competition between students to build the best project or activity.

“It was real fun though to see the interactions between the students who were trying to build and create things better than their parents,” Jennings said.

Jennings said the school plans to host another Math and Science Exploration night.