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Senior swimmers celebrate with send-off vs. East Central

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Connersville senior Audra Volz backstrokes through the Connersville swimming pool in the 200 IM event on Tuesday evening. Volz and the Spartans entertained East Central for senior night. Volzwas the winner in both the 200 medley and 100 breaststroke events.
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Connersville senior Hutton Getz surfaces in the breaststroke portion of the 200 IMduring Tuesday night’shome meet against East Central. Getzwas one ofninemembers of the swim team that celebratedsenior night in the CHS natatorium on Tuesday.
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Seniors for the 2018-19 Connersvile High School swim team celebrated their night inside the CHS natatorium on Tuesday. Front row, left to right: Audra Volz, Avery Webb, Caroline Poe and Sicily Bowling. Back row: Hutton Getz, Maxwell Crank, Kyle Downard, Maddie Powell and Maria Wells.

By GRADY TATE - gtate@newsexaminer.com

For the eight seniors inside the Connersville High School swimming pool, Tuesday night’s meet was a chance to showcase their talent against one of the top teams in the Eastern Indiana Athletic Conference.

After finishing first (boys) and second (girls) in the EIAC meet on Saturday, East Central pulled into town on Tuesday. Both Trojan teams lived up to their billing, sweeping the dual from the Spartans, but the locals made a strong account for themselves.

In the boys meet, EC swam away for a 113-70 win, while in the girls portion of the night, the Lady Trojans pulled out a 95-85 victory.

“There was only a 10-point difference this time, so I think that if we could have earned one more relay and won another individual event, we could have taken it,” Connersville coach Taylor Isaacs said, referring to 75-point difference between the two scores three days earlier.

Losing both ends of the dual didn’t come as a surprise to either Isaacs or coach Jonathan Bitner.

“East Central is a tough team, and we knew that,” Bitner offered. “We just saw them in conference on Saturday, so we knew what to expect coming into tonight.”

In spite of the losses, the two coaches were impressed by the efforts of their charges.

“We had some good swims from underclassmen, so there are some good things to look forward to,” Bitner said. “Morgan Keaffaber had a good night in the 100 breaststroke and the duo of Hayley Honaker and Sara Kalkhoff did really well in the 50 and 100 freestyle.

“For the boys, it was the same thing. Nathan Shawl is putting in a lot of good time in the pool, and his time in the 100 backstroke keep dropping, so that’s really good to see. “I was happy to see some of those younger swimmers with a little less experience step in and swim well.”

Isaacs added a pair of names to that list.

“Spencer Noah also had a good time in the 500, dropping 11 seconds off his best time,” she said. “Audra had a good night. She actually swam part of her 200 medley with no goggles, and still finished that race first.

“I am very happy where the kids are at right now.”

While swimming was the reason the two teams were there, there was another focus for the CHS fans and coaches. 

“Tonight was about recognizing the seniors, and that’s what we wanted to do,” Bitner said. “Coaches (Darrell) Drew, (Taylor) Isaacs, and myself are really going to miss having those seniors around.

Swimming for the final time competitively in the CHS pool for the girls were Caroline Poe, Maddie Powell, Avery Wells, Maria Webb and Volz. Team manager Sicily Bowling is also a senior and was honored.

Though they have one more meet in their home waters (vs. Muncie Burris on Jan. 29), the upperclassmen for the CHS boys were recognized as well.

Those swimmers included Maxwell Crank, Kyle Doward, Hutton Getz.

Connersville is back in action on Saturday, as both teams travel to South Dearborn, the sight of the conference meet, for a double dual with the host Knights and Oldenburg Academy.

“We’re a little tired right now,” Bitner said. “We bumped up the yardage following conference, and we’re going to hit it hard for a little while more until we hit our taper to get ready for sectional.” 




Girls 200 medley relay — 1. East Central A 2;02.09; 2. Connersville A (Carrie Cooley, Morgan Keaffaber, Grace Newman, Maria Wells) 2:12.85; 3. East Central B 2:25.09; 4. Connersville B (Grace McCann, Brook McClung, Georgia Thompson, Sara Kalkhoff) 2:51.68.

Boys 200 medley relay — 1. East Central A 1:45.36; 2. Connersville A (Hutton Getz, Skyler Cavins, Ethan Jennings, Justin Kidd) 1:58.75; 3. East Central B 2:05.55; 4. Connersville B (Nathan Shawl, Seth Spurlock, Quinton Jones, Max Crank) 2:07.53; 5. East Central C 2:27.58.

Girls 200 freestyle — 1. Ryleigh Loper (C) 2:14:54; 2. Carrie Cooley (C) 2:31.88; 3. Elise Doan (EC) 2:36.43. Other Connersville competitor: 6. Hayley Honaker 2:57.36.

Boys 200 freestyle — 1. Jacob Weber (EC) 1:51.75; 2. Kyle Downard (C) 2:19.09; 3. Nathan Shawl (C) 2:20.82.

Girls 200 IM — 1. Audra Volz (C) 2:32.50; 2. Grace Newman (C) 2:34.44; 3. Hannah Weber (EC) 2:38.29. Other Connersville competitor: 5. Avery Webb 2:43.37.

Boys 200 IM — 1. Ethan Witte (EC) 2:28.39; 2. Hutton Getz (C) 2:32.01; 3. Owen Matthew (EC) 2:34.38. Other Connersville competitors: 4. Spencer Noah 2:37.52; 6. Seth Spurlock 2:39.60.

Girls 50 freestyle — 1. Kyra Hall (EC) 26.94; 2. Mackenzie Schantz (EC) 29.25; 3. Megan Keaffaber (C) 29.49. Other Connersville competitors: 5. Caroline Poe 30.33; 6. Sara Kalkhoff 36.46.

Boys 50 freestyle — 1. Jackson Ketchum (EC) 23.65; 2. Justin Kidd (C) 24.65; 3. Ray Krider (EC) 26.27. Other Connersville competitors: 5. Kyle Downard 28.06; 6. Max Crank 28.78.

Girls diving — 1. Brooklynn Gill (EC) 157.25; 2. Aly Bailey (EC) 153.70.

Boys diving — 1. Quinton Jones (C) 255.60;

2. John Crawley (EC) 203.10; 3. Tanner Fox (EC) 159.40.

Girls 100 butterfly — 1. Kyra Hall (EC) 1:03.62; 2. Olivia Nixon (EC) 1:08.71; 3. Grace Newman (C) 1:13.26. Other Connersville competitors: 5. Maddie Powell 1:22.29; 6. Sara Kalkhoff 1:58.17.

Boys 100 butterfly — 1. Skyler Cavins (C) 1:02.67; 2. Zach Bovard (EC) 1:09.93; 3. Quinton Jones (C) 1:10.33. Other Connersville competitor: 4. Ethan Jennings 1:11.18.

Girls 100 freestyle — 1. Mackenzie Schantz (EC) 1:02.40; 2. Maria Wells (C) 1:02.55; 3. Avery Webb (C) 1:06.67. Other Connersville competitor: 5. Caroline Poe 1:07.52.

Boys 100 freestyle — 1. Justin Kidd (C) 55.66; 2. Sean Gutfreund (EC) 1:01.61; 3. Ethan Bley (EC) 1:02.10. Other Connersville competitor: 5. Max Crank 1:08.37.

Girls 500 freestyle — 1. Olivia Nixon (EC) 5:52.76; 2. Ryleigh Loper (C) 6:03.79; 3. Caroline Walters (EC) 6:45.38. Other Connersville competitors: 4. Carrie Cooley 6:47.98; 5. Maddie Powell 7:06.16.

Boys 500 freestyle — 1. Nicholas Weber (EC) 5:20.35; 2. Spencer Noah (C) 6:07.91; 3. Owen Matthew (EC) 6:10.55. Other Connersville competitor: 5. Ethan Jennings 6:24.77.

Girls 200 freestyle relay — 1. East Central A 1:51.35; 2. Connersville A (Audra Volz, Avery Webb, Maddie Powell, Caroline Poe) 2:00.34; 3. Connersville B (Grace Newman, Brook McClung, Grace McCann, Ryleigh Loper) 2:02.47; 4. East Central B 2:02.59; 5. East Central C 2:17.92.

Boys 200 freestyle relay — 1. East Central A 1:41.83; 2. Connersville A (Justin Kidd, Hutton Getz, Kyle Downard, Skyler Cavins) 1:42.26; 3. Connersville B (Seth Spurlock, Max Crank, Spencer Noah, Quinton Jones) 1:53.51; 4. East Central B 1:55.45; 5. East Central C 2:14.37.

Girls 100 backstroke — 1. Maria Wells (C) 1:11.24; 2. Maddie Stapleton (EC) 1:21.06; 3. Brook McClung (C) 1:23.95. Other Connersville competitor: 4. Grace McCann 1:28.32.

Boys 100 backstroke — 1. Ray Krider (EC) 1:04.87; 2. Ethan Witte (EC) 1:08.29; 3. Hutton Getz (C) 1:11.93. Other Connersville competitor: 4. Nathan Shawl 1:12.99.

Girls 100 breaststroke — 1. Audra Volz (C) 1:13.53; 2. Jordan Marrow (EC) 1:18.81; 3. Hannah Weber (EC) 1:27.60. Other Connersville competitors: 4. Morgan Keaffaber 1:28.55; 6. Georgia Thompson 1:59.55.

Boys 100 breaststroke — 1. Jackson Ketchum (EC) 1:03.99; 2. Jacob Weber (EC) 1:05.74; 3. Skyler Cavins (C) 1:10.05. Other Connersville competitor: 5. Seth Spurlock 1:19.12.

Girls 400 freestyle relay — 1. Connersville B (Carrie Cooley, Maria Wells, Morgan Keaffaber, Ryleigh Loper) 4:27.66; 2. Connersville A (Avery Webb, Maddie Powell, Caroline Poe, Audra Volz) 4;27.70; 3. East Central A 4:32.65; 4. East Central B 5:14.03; 5. Connersville C (Georgia Thompson, Sara Kalkhoff, Hayley Honaker, Brook McClung) 5:30.27.

Boys 400 freestyle relay — 1. East Central A 3:36.10; 2. Connersville A (Ethan Jennings, Spencer Noah, Nathan Shawl, Kyle Downard) 4:17.74; 3. East Central B 5:05.57.