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Four yuletide dangers to dodge

Fayette County Ministerial Assocation

Christmas is a time of celebration. As you gather with family and friends, let me encourage you to dodge four common yuletide dangers.

• First, there is the danger of overeating. It is easy to lose all self-control when you are around so many sweets like pies and cookies. Determine ahead of time that you will push back on the seconds. Nothing will dampen your holiday spirit like getting on the scales and seeing a weight gain.

• Second, there is the danger of overspending. Live within your means. The joy of Christmas is in giving not in getting. Give generously but wisely. Don’t go into debt for anyone. Stick to a budget and buy gifts you can afford. You should not be paying off Christmas debts into spring of next year.

• Third, there is the danger of overlooking. Christmas is a lonely holiday for some. Remember those who live alone. Visit those who are in the nursing home, hospital, or prison. Adopt a family who is going through hard times and include them in your giving.

• Fourth, there is the danger of overshadowing. Christmas is not about Santa, it is about the Savior. Keep Christ at the center of your celebration. Thanks to Him, you have received the greatest gift of all … eternal life! Jesus deserves to be the start of your holiday. Christmas is His birthday! Celebrate Him!

Mal Gibson is pastor at First Baptist Church. He wrote this article as a member of the Fayette County Ministerial Association.