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CHS offers online PE class

By KATE THURSTON - kthurston@newsexaminer.com

Physical education online? Is that a “thing?”

According to Connersville High School Principal Randy Judd, it is, and it’s nothing new.

“We allow students to sign up for online summer school classes and have for many years. It allows students to take classes they need to graduate and also helps free up spaces in their schedule for classes at CHS they want to take,” Judd explained. “It is also used for credit recovery when students are over-age and under credits.”

The course usually costs $250. CHS requires students to pay $50 of that and the FCSC picks up the rest State summer school funding provides the reimbursement.

Some students use the online course to help them with scheduling during regular semesters. Taking PE in the summer frees up time in their fall and spring semesters to take other courses required for graduation or early college.

Krista Gibson’s daughter took online PE last year and is planning to take the last semester next year.

“Reason being, she couldn’t miss summer workouts with the sports program she plays in the fall with the high school,” Gibson said. “She had to track exercises and walking and nutrition, then log it. Also, she had to take a written final at the high school with a teacher present. She also preferred not to take it during the school year because she wanted to get it out of the way in the summer to free up the school year to take more classes, not have to worry about PE.”

The class runs seven weeks during the summer school session. Students must complete an exercise log for each week in the session.

Terry Hadler’s daughter also used the online course to aid her in scheduling.

“My daughter did due to her scheduling. She is part of Early College High School program (ECHS) and by doing it summer online, it will allow space for her to complete her pathway and possibly graduate with an associate degree,” Hadler said.

The goal of this physical education course is to enable students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to lead an active life for a lifetime. Students are required to exercise three hours a week, but the students get to select the exercises that they want to do.

“In the PE class, students won’t have to participate in a sport or activity that they do not have interest,” Judd stated. “Besides traditional sports and exercises, students can also use Wii, X-box Kinect, go for a brisk walk, do karate, dance, inline skate, lift weights or work in the yard. The important thing is students make moving each day a lifestyle.”

Students begin by evaluating their own fitness level and setting personal fitness goals. They have weekly written assignments, quizzes and exercise logs. Parents are required to help supervise and complete a parent survey. This course ends with a final exam.

Judd said the number of students in summer school is increasing

“Our summer school numbers have increased over the last few years. Online PE is becoming more common across the state,” Judd stated. “All of the Indiana Online Academy courses meet Indiana standards.”