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How Fayette County voted

Here are election numbers from Fayette County voters, provided by the Fayette County clerk’s office. Nearly half of all registered voters – 48.96 percent – cast ballots.

Of the 7,632 ballots, 4,716 were machine ballots and 2,916 were absentee. There were no provisional ballots.

Winners in local balloting are indicated with a (w).

U.S. Senator: R-Mike Braun 4,704 (w); D-Joe Donnelly 2,295; L-Lucy M. Brenton 465; write-in 1.

Ind. Secretary of State: R-Connie M. Lawson 5,158 (w); D-Jim Harper 1,983; L-Mark W. Rutherford 249; write-in 1.

Ind. Auditor of State: R-Tera Klutz 4,750 (w); D-Joselyn Whitticker 2,156; L-John Schick 239.

Ind. Treasurer of State: R-Kelly Mitchell 5,121 (w); D-John C. Aguilera 1,986.

U.S. Representative Dist. 6: R-Greg Pence 5,104 (w); D-Jeannine Lee Lake 2,163; L-Tom Ferkinhoff 188; write-in 2.

Ind. State Senator Dist. 27: R-Jeff Raatz 116 (w); D-Jerome (Jake) Hoog 67.

Ind. State Representative Dist. 55: R-Cindy Meyer Ziemke 4,980 (w); D-Corinne Westerfield 2,430.

Prosecuting Attorney: R-Bette Jo Jones 5,884 (w).

Circuit Court Clerk: R-Lisa Mays Witt 5,253 (w); D-Destini F. Bentley 2,027.

County Auditor: R-Jane E. Downard 5,991 (w).

County Recorder: R-Ruth Nutty 5,147 (w); D-Nancy Toler 2,286.

County Sheriff: R-Jabin “Jay” Collins 3,007; D-David J. “Joey” Laughlin III 4,496 (w).

County Surveyor: D-William J. Macke 4,610.

County Assessor: R-Jeff Coleman 4,988 (w); D-Caleb L. Robertson 2,234.

County Commissioner Dist. 1: D-Dale L. Strong 3,367 (w); I-Mark O. Pflum 2,447.

County Council Dist. 1: R-Michael F. Wenta 1,270 (w); D-Tim Bentley 625.

County Council Dist. 2: R-Kathleen (Kathy) L. Rhodes 1,236 (w); Jerald (Jerry) Ervin 545.

County Council Dist. 3: R-John R. Clarke 986 (w); D-Donna Schroeder 544.

County Council Dist. 4: R-Kayla A. Nobbe 1,426 (w); D-Amanda Hunter Faulk 626.

Connersville Twp. Trustee: R-Cathy Klemme Harvey 2,594 (w); D-Brian Durham 937.

Connersville Twp. Board (elect 3): R-Linda D. Cox 1,922 (w); R-Scott A. Kelley 1,660; R-Sharon Lingg 1,815 (w); D-Wanda Fisher 921; Royden (Jay) Halveland 698; Jerry Pennington 871.

Harrison Twp. Trustee: R-Sharri Herbert Kendall 1,261 (w); D-Sarah R. Grubbs 642.

Harrison Twp. Board (elect 3): R-Duane Brandenburg 908 (w); R-Craig C. Howell 810 (w); D-Nolen J. Selke 727; D-Ruby J. Siler 751 (w); D-William “Bill” Todd 631.

Columbia Twp. Trustee: R-Addie R. Mustin 285 (w).

Columbia Twp. Board (elect 3): R-Erica E. Murray 187 (w); R-Cheryl D. Rowe 167 (w); R-Rosalyn York 167 (w); D-Alan (Bunny) Carey 95; D-Dianna F. Carey 72.

Fairview Twp. Trustee: R-Lisa Sembach 91 (w).

Fairview Twp. Board (elect 3): R-Greg Frank 70 (w); R-Dale Munson 87 (w); no other candidate.

Jackson Twp. Trustee: no candidate

Jackson Twp. Board (elect 3): R-Chris Nobbe 430 (w); D-Donna J. Ruf 242 (w); D-Gary Ruf 234 (w).

Jennings Twp. Trustee: D-Jason Ruff 191 (w).

Jennings Twp. Board (elect 3): D-David Gettinger 164 (w); D-David I. Jobe 138 (w); D-Daniel M. Moster 164 (w).

Orange Twp. Trustee: R-Tracie Bever 152 (w); D-Marion Dalrymple 78.

Orange Twp. Board (elect 3): D-Ed Herrell 122 (w); D-Donald F. Kirk 99 (w); D-Shirley Nobbe 123 (w).

Posey Twp. Trustee: D-Karla Abercrombie 136 (w).

Posey Twp. Board (elect 3): D-Amy L. Parks 78 (w); Sue A. Pflum 110 (w); no other candidate.

Waterloo Twp. Trustee: D-Jack Brown 134 (w).

Waterloo Twp. Board (elect 3): D-George A. Henry 108 (w); D-Steve A. Henry 92 (w); D-Tom Scholl 86 (w).

School Board Dist. 3 (elect 2): Chris Hunt 2,358 (w); Dennis Perkins Jr. 2,622 (w)

School Board Dist. 4: Ann B. Kirschner 833 (w).

Straight party votes: Republican 1,133; Democratic 579.