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Postcard from Calif. man shows old CHS

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Here is a photo of the postcarddepictingthe old Connersville High School, circa 1925.
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This letter with a picture postcard of Connersville High Schoolcame to school superintendent Scott Collins last week. He shared it with the school board Tuesday.


Scott Collins said he’s never received a letter quite like the one he got last week. He enjoyed showing it to the Fayette County School Board Tuesday.

Lowell Joerg, a 90-year-old man living in Stockton, Calif., mailed a picture postcard to the “Fayette County Superintendent of Schools.”

“I hope this letter brightens your day,” the letter starts. “I was at an antique store here and found this old circa 1925 picture card showing your beautiful high school of that era. It’s pristine.

“It’s an old classic for sure so I said to myself, ‘By golly, I think I’ll send it home where it can be appreciated.’ Our heritage is important to us all and should be preserved. Lots of changes, I suppose, too. Enlarged and posted up it will cause some nice conversation.

“Well, I gave 6.00 for it so if you want it for 7.00 or 8.00 or so why that’s sure OK. Throw in a little postage if you want. I enjoy souvenirs, too.

“My wife used to laugh at me and say, ‘If you hear from them you’ll have to take me out to lunch.’ I turned ninety years old on June 26th and I’m still going strong as far as I know.

“I like to call my little hobby a ‘re-distribution of happiness.’ Our world sure needs it.

“Thank you, Godspeed, and have a great year educating your students.”