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Graylin Seeley is pictured at auditions forTV’s “America’s Got Talent.”

By KATE THURSTON - kthurston@newsexaminer.com

Graylin Seeley, 19, loves to sing and write music, a talent that he claims God has given him.

“I remember when I was 13 years old, my dad took a church over in Ohio,” Seeley said. “We didn’t have many singers to sing at the church, so one day we had company at our house and a man from our church came over for a visit. He heard me singing in the other room and he told my dad I should start singing at church.”

Seeley did just that and hasn’t stopped since.

“I play guitar and sing. First it started off just singing then I picked up the guitar when I was 17.”

He started singing and playing at different churches throughout the area.

“I started singing in church so as the years went on I kept singing more and more at different churches and events,” Seeley said. “When I was 16, my sister started dating this boy from Pennsylvania and we started to sing and play together a lot. As of right now it’s me and him singing around at churches.”

Christian and gospel music is Seeley’s favorite genre of music.

“I love singing and seeing the reaction of people and seeing the worship. There is nothing like letting God use your talents to bless other people I really can’t describe the feeling.”

Outside of church, Seeley auditioned for America’s Got Talent.

“The most memorable place I performed at was ‘America’s Got Talent.’ I got to perform in front of the producer of the show and that was probably the best experience in my music career.”

Seeley knows there will be many more memorable moments in his musical career.

“Right now I’m working on a album with my brother-in-law and we are just singing in churches and loving every minute of it.”

Other than singing Seeley loves playing sports, mainly basketball and football. He also loves working out at Anytime Fitness, where he likes to start his day out at.

Seeley attends Deliverance Tabernacle Church.