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Dribble Over Drugs helps with parent awareness

The Hidden In Plain Sight traveling exhibitis picturedat the Fayette County Free Fair. The appearance here came courtesy oftheJustin Naylor Addiction Recovery Program. Dribble Over Drugs has donated funds to Justin’s fund at the Fayette County Foundation.


Have you ever wondered after you give to a fundraiser where the money goes? This year, a portion of Dribble over Drugs went to support Justin Naylor Addiction Recovery Program.

“We are excited to work with Jamie and Gary to raise funds for Justin’s fund at the Fayette County Foundation,” Fayette County Sheriff Joey Laughlin said. “The money that is raised from Dribble Over Drugs stays here to support local organizations that help people with addictions.”

Dribble Over Drugs is an annual basketball tournament.

The Justin Naylor Addiction Recovery Program was created by family and friends of Justin Naylor, who died in October of 2016, at the age of 30, after a hard fought battle with opiates. The first grant from the fund was awarded this summer to host the mobile trailer “Hidden in Plain Sight” at the Free Fair.

“The trailer at the fair was a great way for parents to learn about how drugs are literally right in front of us,” Jamie Naylor said. “With the help of Intercept, who developed the trailer, we are working to do more in the community to bring awareness to parents about how drugs are hidden, drug symbols, and particular behaviors of teens on drugs.”

“The opiate crisis is too big for any one person or organization to conquer. Jamie and Gary are in touch with organizations that help people right here in our community and that is where the grants from Justin’s fund will be directed,” Anna Dungan, executive dDirector of the Fayette County Foundation, said.

Donations to Justin’s fund can be give in any amount at any time.

“When a person gets back on their feet we would like to use the pay-it-forward process. We would like for them to pay back what was give to them so that they can help the next person that needs recovery. You have to give it away to keep it,” Jamie Naylor said.

Submitted by the Fayette County Foundation