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Free Fair Results

Open class results

Culinary and canning

Grand champion culinary: Ruth Nutty

Reserve grand champion culinary: Ruth Nutty

Jr. cook champion: Jaycee Reeve

Best of show canning: Tracy Bramer

Reserve best of show: Mary Sterwerf


Jr. cook: Jaycee Reeve

Pies: Ruth Nutty

Breads: Ruth Nutty

Cookies: Ruth Nutty

Candies: Melissa Ruf

Microwave: Diane Sack

Sugar free: Trisha Creed

Reserve Champions

Pies: Diane Sack

Cakes: Kristy Vest

Breads: Diane Sack

Cookies: Ruth Nutty

Candy: Diane Sack

Microwave: Ruth Nutty

Sugar free: Trisha Creed

Placing in all classes


Jr. cook: Caitlyn Reeve, Jaycee Reeve, Katie Hamilton

Pies: Diane Sack, Ruth Nutty, Kim Abrams

Cakes: Ruth Nutty, John Brown, Kim Abrams, Kristy Vest

Breads: Ruth Nutty, Diane Sack

Cookies: Ruth Nutty (4), Lillian Dunaway, Lucille Cox

Microwave: Diane Sack

Bread maker: Diane Sack

Sugar free: Trisha Creed (2)


Pies: Ruth Nutty

Cakes: Carol Russell, Diane Sack, Ruth Nutty, Lillian Hayes

Cookies: Lillian Hayes

Candy: Melissa Ruf, Carol Fox



Fruits: Glenda Hermann

Soft spread and jams: Ruth Nutty

Jellies: Ruth Nutty

Pickles: Tracy Bramer

Veggies: Mary Sterwerf

Reserve champions

Fruits: Glenda Hermann

Soft spreads/jams: Ruth Nutty

Jellies: Ruth Nutty

Pickles: Ruth Nutty

Veggies: Tracy Bramer


Fruits: Kim Abrams (2), Glenda Hermann (2)

Soft spreads/jams: Ruth Nutty (4), Tracy Bramer, Glenda Hermann, Mark Bramer

Jellies: Ruth Nutty (3), Kim Abrams

Pickles: Delma Brown, Tracy Bramer (2), Glenda Hermann

Veggies: Tracy Bramer, Mary Sterwerf, John Brown, Glenda Hermann, Karen Word


Soft spreads/james: Tracy Bramer, Kim Abrams (2), Glenda Hermann

Jellies: None

Pickles: Glenda Hermann (2), Ruth Nutty

Veggies: Ruth Nutty (3), Mary Sterwerf


Best of show: Patti Starr

Grand champion: Lexi Keen (student), Patti Starr (adult)

Champions: Lylah Wood, Nathan Brannon, Lexi Keen, Patti Staff, Jeanne Leonard

Reserve champions: Gage Berman, Lexi Keen, Gavin Bergman, Doris Martin, Jeanne Leonard

First place: Lylah Wood, Nathan Brannon, Gavin Bergman, Lexi Keen, Patti Starr, Doris Martin, Gary Frye, Mark Richards, Jeanne Leonard

Second place: Lawson Wood, Grace Burns-Schott, Violet Ruf, Sarah Kelley, Patti Starr, Doris Martin, Carol Byrd, Jeanne Leonard

Honorable mention: Lylah Wood, Nathan Brannon, Carol Byrd, Nancy Collier


Best of show: Patti Starr

Grand champion: Elisa Matney (student), Abbe Pflum (adult)

Champions: Garrett Adams, Elisa Matney, Brandy Steinard, Abbe Pflum

Reserve champions: Garrett Adams, Elise Matney, Teresa Lowe, Doug Jordan

First place: Garrett Adams, Elisa Matney, Brandy Steinard, Teresa Lowe, Jeanne Leonard, Abbe Pflum, Doug Jordan

Second place: Garrett Adams, Abby Badore, Jeanne Leonard, Katie Adams, Doug Jordan

Honorable mention: Abby Badore, Brandy Steinard, Nicole Edwards, Jeanne Leonard


Grand champion: Kristy Vest

Reserve champion: Mary Dalton

Best of show: Kristy Vest

Section I - Juniors, Age 1-8

Champion: Kendal Gulley

Reserve champion: Edith Gulley

Section 2 - Juniors, Age 9-16

Champion: Shelby Gulley

Section III - Horticulture

Champion: Julie Baker

Reserve champion: Ruth Ann Gulley

Section IV - House plants

Champion: Mary Dalton

Reserve champion: Jack Bunyard

Section V - Outdoor containers

Champion: Kristy Vest

Section VI - Arrangements

Champion: Ruth Ann Gulley

Reserve champion: Kristy Vest

Section VII - 65 years and older

Champion: Marilyn Maxwell


A Fayette County Free Fair wrap-up section will be published as part of the Connersville News-Examiner on Friday, Aug. 24. in order to be considered for publication in that section, results and other information must be received by the News-Examiner by Friday, Aug. 10. Please submit by email to news@newsexaminer.com, or to the office, 406 Central Ave.