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Two wheels and more

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Nine-year-old Keilyn Sherwood, daughter of Danika and Josh Sherwood, clears a hill on the motocross course inside Roberts Park amphitheater on Thursday night.Participants young and old took advantage of the opportunity to race both cycles and quads on the course at the Fayette County Free Fair. Sherwood finished fourth place in the 50cc junior class.
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Garrett Schneider hits a turn on the Roberts Park amphitheater motocross course, Thursday evening at the Fayette County Free Fair. Sponsored by Faulk Racing for a 12th year, Thursday’s event brought a large group of competitors to the amphitheater, churning up the dirt for cash and trophies.
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Claire Larsh pilots her 50cc quad over a hill at the motocross event inside the Roberts Park amphitheater, Thursday night at the Fayette County Free Fair. Larsh finished second in her class.

By GRADY TATE - gtate@newsexaminer.com

The participants ranged from all age groups, and the vehicles they rode matched their size, some large, some small. Some of the vehicles had two wheels, while others hit the track with four.

You could say there was a little bit of everything, for everyone.

The 2018 Fayette County Free Fair motocross event, sponsored by Faulk Racing, brought riders from all over, looking to earn cash, trophies, or just to have a little fun.

“This is probably one of the best nights that we’ve had,” one of the race coordinators, Donna Stern said. “We had a lot of great riders out here tonight, and they put on a really good show.”

A total of 16 classes for cycles, four for quads, and a Woodsman race entertained the Roberts Park amphitheater crowd throughout the evening. Stern said that she and those responsible for the event were very pleased with the night’s outcome.

“The numbers were where we wanted them to be, it was just a great night,” she said. “We can’t thank the fair board enough for letting us come in here and do this, both for the competitors and for the fans. This is our 12th year of doing it, and everything went very well tonight.”

Getting the amphitheater ready for a motocross takes a lot of planning, and plenty of work as well, Stern said.

“There are four people that really put in a lot of the work, and it takes them about two days to get the track ready for the event,” she said. “Now that it’s time for them to tear it down, they’ll probably go into the wee hours of the morning, before they get it done.”

Planning what the course will look like from one year to the next typically comes down to Michael Faulk and Jaryn Williams, Faulk’s son.

But not this year.

“This one was all Jaryn,” Faulk said. “I really didn’t have a lot to do with the design of the track this year.”

For the Woodsman race, one of the crowd favorites at the event, the course is altered somewhat. Tasked with putting that course design together fell to someone else, Stern said.

“Dr. Dubois always comes up with the design for the Woodsman course, that’s really his baby,” she said. “He did a great job with that, the Woodsman tonight was a great crowd pleaser.”

While organizers were thrilled with the numbers of competitors across the board, Stern noted that one class was particularly loaded on Thursday.

“We had a great turn out on the mini-quads, probably the biggest group in that we’ve ever had,” she said.

Winning the three quad classes were Ryder Trent (50cc), Lily Cowan (90cc) and Colby Robinson (400cc).

The Dash for Cash payout was $500, with the winner getting $250. Second placed earned $150, and third was paid $100.

Christian Telker was the big winner, beating out runner-up Williams, and third-place finisher Brandon Nichols.

“That race is another crowd pleaser, as it features some riders who are pros at the sport,” Stern said. “In that race, it’s always bike-to-bike.”

Following the night of racing, Stern wanted to thank those that helped get the event off the ground this year.

“Want to thank everyone from our family,” she said. “This event always brings us together. Steve and Nicole Branson (Faulk’s sister) have really been troopers here.

“We also have to thank everyone that came out and helped put the course together and flag the races. So many people are always willing to jump in and help us make a go of this.

“We really appreciate everyone who offered some help.”


Motocross Results

50cc (junior)

1. Logan Sparks; 2. Finn Grizzell; 3. D. Robinson; 4. Keilyn Sherwood.

50cc (senior)

1. Logan Sparks; 2. Colton Selby.

65cc (ages 10-12)

1. Michael Faulk; 2. Mason Cowan; 3. Carter Smith; 4. Caleb Larsh.

125cc (two stroke)

1. Garrett Schneider; 2. Jared Lowe; 3. Brandon Ingram.


1. Eric Goodson.


1. Garrett Schneider; 2. Noah Mullins; 3. Cody Vance; 4. Brayton Tressler; 5. Ryan Noah; 6. Dalton Goins.


1. Mark Ziepfel.


1. Brandon Nichols; 2. Mike Ivers; 3. Cory Robinson; 4. Clay Smith.


1. Eric Goodson; 2. Christian Telker.


1. Jerry Short; 2. Blake Bischoff.

50cc Quads

1. Ryder Trent; 2. Claire Larsh; 3. Zander Brock.

90cc Quads

1. Lily Cowan; 2. Morgan Hilbert; 3. Diesel Gettinger; 4. Caigan Gettinger; 5. Walker Smith; 6. Charli Ficklin.

400cc Quads

1. Colby Robinson; 2. Maxwell Wright; 3. Gavin McGuire.

Pit Bike

1. Michael Faulk; 2. Sadler Kleve; 3. Carter Smith; 4. Cory Robinson.


1. Noah Mullins; 2. Gus Rihm; 3. Levi Muckridge; 4. Brad Dubois; 5. Chad Mauger.

Dash for Cash

1. Christian Telker ($250); 2. Jaryn Williams ($150); 3. Brandon Nichols ($100).