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Fair Board and Tourism Board

I am writing about two stories.

The first is the Fayette County Free Fair Board. The president of the Fair Board, Ted McQuinley, sub-rented a barn that should have been condemned to Alice Allen for her horses, took her money and then evicted her. No board member said a word. Altrusa has had the same date for their chili cook-off for years, so McQuinley says that date is taken, Altrusa is forced to move, and again not a board member says a word. Roberts Park is not McQuinley’s private park. A friend of mine told me, “If you see a circus, don’t go in, because someone will call you a clown!” I have never been to a county fair where there was no harness racing. The only thing missing from this story is Aunt Bee, Andy, Goober and Barney.

Speaking of a circus brings me to the Tourism Board. Why were no subpoenas issued for the missing files? It took a week and a half to turn something in (no one knows what). Don’t know if a crime was committed or not. Well, this does not surprise. No one from this courthouse goes to prison; they get plea dealed down to probation and sent home. This is why half the City of Connersville are wearing ankle bracelets. I’m glad to see the adults in the room (Mr. and Mrs. Sparks) are willing to help the day-care center formerly known as the Tourism Board.

This is a real case of the inmates running the asylum and you wonder why no one wants to move to Connersville.

– Jerry Pennington, Connersville