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Whitewater Career Center presents awards

Whitewater Career Center presented end-of-year awards to its students on Monday. Pictured, Courtney Burgoon, center, receives a certificate recognizing her as the outstanding student in Health Science 1. Presenting the award is Steve Dungan, WCC director; and reading the recognitions is Soni Jones, assistant director.

End-of-year student honors were presented Monday at Whitewater Career Center in two programs, one for morning students and the other for afternoon students.

Two students were recognized as the outstanding students of the year. In the morning group, Noah Knorpp received the honor. He is an automotive technology student from Centerville High School. The afternoon student of the year is David Burress, a construction student from Union County High School.

Steve Dungan, WCC director, and Soni Jones, assistant director, presented the awards. Randy Judd, principal at Connersville High School, was the speaker.

Awards are listed from participating schools including Connersville High School (CHS), Centerville High School (CEHS), Franklin County High School (FCHS), Lincoln High School (LHS), Rushville Consolidated High School (RCHS) and Union County High School (UCHS).

Morning presentations 

Automotive Collision Technology

Outstanding Student: Jacob Ray, RCHS

Most Improved Student: Clayton Knecht, FCHS

Automotive Service Technology

Outstanding Student: Noah Knorpp, CEHS

Most Improved Student: Grant Pflum, FCHS

Construction Technology

Outstanding Student: Trevor Martz, UCHS

Most Improved: Trevor Hampson, FCHS


Outstanding Student: Sydney Shepherd, CHS

Most Improved: Cheyenne Fultz, RCHS

Perfect Attendance: Alexis Harris, UCHS; Mackenzie Tipton, CEHS

Culinary Arts

Outstanding Student: Savana Snyder, UCHS

Most Improved: Shaunna Roszell, RCHS

Perfect Attendance: Nicholas Crowe, CHS; Savana Snyder, UCHS; Conner Eklund (2 years), CHS; Rhiley Clemmons (2 years), RCHS

Diesel Technology

Outstanding Student: Dylan Redd, CHS

Most Improved: Nathaniel Bane, CEHS

Education Careers

Outstanding Student: Christiane Blair, LHS

Most Improved Student: Taylor Sheets, CEHS


Outstanding Student: Breydan Shafer, CHS

Most Improved Student: Jakob Payne, FCHS

Perfect Attendance: Colton Massey, CHS

Perfect Attendance: Matthew Wildman, UCHS

Graphic Design

Outstanding Student: Lexi Keen, CHS

Most Improved Student: Katelyn Amis, CHS

Health Science I – Bauer

Outstanding Student: Autumn Toschlog, CEHS

Most Improved Student: Brittany Wayson, CHS

Health Science I - Harrison

Outstanding Student: Brooke Bailey, CEHS

Most Improved Student: Alexis Baylor, CHS

Health Science II

Outstanding Student: Hannah Steele, CHS

Most Improved Student: Savana Kates, CEHS

Information Technology

Most Improved Student: Jordan Miller-Derickson, FCHS

Precision Machine Technology

Outstanding Student: Conner Kidwell, CEHS

Most Improved: Brendan Weymouth, CHS

Perfect Attendance: Noa Dannaker, UCHS

Perfect Attendance: Conner Kidwell, CEHS

Welding Technology

Outstanding Student: Logan Jansen, FCHS

Most Improved Student: William Gibbs, CHS

Perfect Attendance: Spencer Meier, FCHS

Work Based Learning

Outstanding Student: Brendan Weymouth, CHS

Work Ethic Recognition: Katie Amis, Graphic Design, CHS; Brooke Bailey, Health Science, CEHS; Christiane Blair, Education Careers, LHS; Theodore Cerneant III, Information Technology, CHS; Rhiley Clemmons, Culinary Arts; RCHS; Conner Ecklund, Culinary Arts, CHS; Brendan Granger, Information Technology; CHS; Conner Kidwell, Precision Machine Technology, CEHS; Brooke Killion, Health Science, CEHS; Taylor Sheets, Education Careers, CEHS; Mackenzie Tipton, Cosmetology, CEHS

WCC Outstanding Sending School Student

Centerville: Noah Knorpp, Automotive Technology

Lincoln: Christiane Blair, Education Careers

Morning Outstanding Student of the Year: Noah Knorpp

Afternoon presentations 

Automotive Collision Technology

Outstanding Student: Austin Thone, UCHS

Most Improved Student: Matthew Keller, UCHS

Automotive Service Technology

Outstanding Student: Samuel Spilman, RCHS

Most Improved Student: Steven Chasteen, CHS

Construction Technology

Outstanding Student: Matthew Holloman, RCHS

Most Improved: Steven Phillips, CEHS


Outstanding Student: Alicyn Sargent, CHS

Most Improved: Lauren Lewellen, LHS

Culinary Arts

Outstanding Student: Synthia Kern, FCHS

Most Improved Student: Brianna Walters, CHS

Diesel Technology

Outstanding Student: Jesse Bowers, UCHS

Most Improved Student: Brad Merkamp, CEHS

Perfect Attendance: Jesse Bowers (2 years), UCHS

Education Careers

Outstanding Student: Madison Todd, RCHS

Most Improved Student: Alexandria Horning, CHS


Outstanding Student: Travis Selm, FCHS

Most Improved Student: Bailey Singer, UCHS

Perfect Attendance: Travis Selm, FCHS

Vocational Builders Scholarship: Travis Selm

Graphic Design

Outstanding Student: Parker Newton, RCHS

Most Improved Student: Anthony Clark, CHS

Health Science I - Bauer

Outstanding Student: Karah Carpenter, LHS

Most Improved Student: Hannah Weaver, FCHS

Perfect Attendance: Tori Nunn, CHS

Health Science I - Harrison

Outstanding Student: Courtney Burgoon, CHS

Most Improved: Madilynne Day, CEHS

Health Science II

Outstanding Student: Jessica Holt, UCHS

Most Improved Student: Hanna Powell, FCHS

Information Technology

Outstanding Student: Jared Schnitker, CHS

Most Improved Student: Alexander Austerman, CHS

Precision Machining Technology

Outstanding Student: Brock Herbert, RCHS

Most Improved Student: Kendra Bowers, UCHS

Perfect Attendance: Alfredo Calderon, CEHS

Welding Technology

Outstanding Student: Walker Wilson, FCHS

Most Improved: Chandler Wilson, CHS

Perfect Attendance: Phillip Russell (2 years), LHS

Turner Award: Walker Wilson

Work Based Learning

Outstanding Student: David Burress, UCHS

Most Improved Student: William Fields, FCHS

Work Ethic Recognition: Zion Benjamin, Graphic Design, CHS; Melanie Bloom, Cosmetology, CHS; Courtney Burgoon, Health Science, CHS; David Burress, Construction Technology, UCHS; Ross Ferguson, Education Careers, CHS; Erika Grap, Culinary Arts, LHS; Elijah Green, Precision Machine Technology, CHS; Brock Herbert, Precision Machine Technology, RCHS; Alexandria Horning, Education Careers, CHS; Miriam Horning, Cosmetology, CHS; Blaine Loggan, Diesel Technology, RCHS; Brad Merkamp, Diesel Technology, CEHS; Zachary Montour, Information Technology, CEHS; Hanna Powell, Health Science, FCHS; Savanna Powell, Health Science, FCHS; Reggie Reuss, Information Technology, FCHS; Phillip Russell, Welding Technology, LHS; Jared Schnitker, Information Technology, CHS; Travis Selm, Electricity, FCHS; Allyson Shephard, Cosmetology, CEHS; Madison Todd, Education Careers, RCHS; Walker Wilson, Welding Technology, FCHS.

WCC Outstanding Sending School Student

Connersville: Jared Schnitker, Information Technology

Franklin County: Walker Wilson, Welding Technology

Rushville: Brock Herbert, Precision Machine Technology

Union County: David Burress, Construction

Afternoon Outstanding Student of the Year: David Burress