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Campaign stench, Round 2

Did you exhale in relief after Tuesday’s Primary Election for U.S. Senate candidate? Suck it back in and pinch your nose.

No sooner had the results been announced than the nastiness began anew. Each side is desperate to win: the Democrats to hold onto every possible seat and the Republicans to try to solidify their hold on at least two of the three branches of government.

Post election, one of the first emails we received was from the Democrats, rehashing three of the nasty things that Todd Rokita and Luke Messer had said about the guy who beat them handily, Mike Braun. Not long after, the Republicans sent out their own accusations against the Democrat they hope to beat this fall, Sen. Joe Donnelly. And then the Dems sent out another volley, followed by more from the GOP.

You can probably find the piles of digital elephant dung and donkey-doo online.

My favorite email of that day, however, came from the Democrats, who wondered whether Vice President Mike Pence should have been allowed to vote absentee. Mike Pence’s most recent Indiana address was the Governor’s Residence at 46th and Meridian streets in Indianapolis, which is now occupied by someone else and Pence probably doesn’t plan to return to that big house. 

Who sits up nights worrying about this stuff?

The November election can’t get here fast enough for me.

Online newsletters

Recent discussion on my email has concerned the possibility that we are not alone, that there may have been more than one universe created by the Big Bang. It’s a theory called the multiverse, positing that there may be other systems of planets, stars and detritus that were formed at the same time as ours. Who knows what kinds of life there might be in places we can’t begin to even see.

My mind has a hard time grasping the concept of an unending universe, let alone thinking about several that might be that large.

Another scientific line of thought wonders if, before humans, some other species of life might have dominated Earth like humans do now. Further, if that is the case, then can traces of their way of life be found in really ancient dust? So far, no.

I receive daily email from a couple of scientific blogs that provide plenty of food for thought, not all of it in the “what if” category, but much in the realm of newest developments. EarthSkyNews includes information about interstellar activities and other scientific thought. Another is Axios Science. There is also the Washington Post’s newsletter, Speaking of Science, which linked me on Wednesday to a fascinating article about an Australian trapdoor spider that lived 43 years before being killed by a parasitic wasp. 

Bob Hansen is editor of the Connersville News-Examiner. Contact him by email, bhansen@newsexaminer.com, or phone, 765-825-0588 ext. 235.