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Art is everywhere

Whitewater Valley Arts Association member Gayle Siebert, left, presents the first Art Spot sign to Linda and Bruce Rea to display to attract attention to the art work in their yard and 8th Street and Grand Avenue.

By DARRELL SMITH - dsmith@newsexaminer.com

It is not always necessary to go to a gallery to view art.

Art can be found in many places, even outside.

To help make that point, the Whitewater Valley Arts Association is recognizing art throughout the community, designating them as Art Spots.

The first Art Spot goes to Bruce and Linda Rea, who have created an art spot at the northwest corner of Grand Avenue and 8th Street.


The Reas began by demolishing one house about three years ago. The second house came down last year, creating a large yard south of their house.

Bruce made the iron fence that now surrounds the entire yard on the Grand Avenue and 8th Street sides.

“This section is four or five years old,” he said. “It was a solid fence at one time and the dog would look out a crack, so we made the fence so she could see out.”

“Last year when we tore down the house on the corner, he decided to do the fence all the way around,” Linda added. 

Flat stones from the foundation of the first house are used to set off a garden inside the yard. Bruce also made two metal sculptures that are in the garden.

Raised beds provide places for vegetables and herbs with more flat stones in-between.

A gazebo is coming to further enhance the area, Bruce said. It will be more behind the house because they often go to that area to eat lunch and dinner. 

The idea for Art Spot recognition came from an Association member, Doug Siebert.

“We have so much art around the community, and just to let it stand out that art is among us,” said Siebert’s wife Gayle. “It’s not in the gallery all the time but is among us and you just have to look for it. I do art shows and see a lot of art and that’s why Doug and I think art ought to show up more.”

This will give people more of a reason to get out and go around the community to see what is there rather than just driving, she said. The Reas’ creation is a good place to start because people are watching as it grows.

Sharon McQueen, WVAA president, hopes to see more outdoor sculpture in Connersville, maybe at the Courthouse and along Central Avenue.

The Arts Association will be looking for other art spots that can be recognized. People can suggest places for recognition by contacting an Association member, Siebert said, or call the WVAA, 765-343-9822.