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Will downtown be alive once again?

The Connersville News Examiner had articles April 3, 4, and 5 that I enjoyed reading, about the city of Connersville and Fayette County. Yes, there were others, but these were special. They were the only articles I recall letting the public know about some of the ideas and some of the discussions on the area positives.

It is good to know Mayor Harold Gordon is working on improvements for the city and not just the “good ol’ boys,” friends and relatives circle. Also it was good to read positives about the county and not a new building that won’t drain water! Maybe with these positives more people will get involved and help with improvements. Maybe the downtown area will once again come alive and be cleaned up and businesses filling the empty store fronts.

With the train bringing in 40,000-50,000 visitors, these visitors will eventually get to see and help spread the word of the improvements. In addition I wish all the new Tourism Board members a good year on getting organized and being a big part of the progress. Having met some of them I think there is little doubt. Including the new Art Display and the Historical Museum in the downtown area will be a help to bring life back. Then add to that the Newkirk house being a good draw of visitors, and we have already seen a successful weekend for it. There are others that are involved in areas of progress but I don’t have a list, I’m sure you know who some of them are.

It seems the mayor is looking at things differently than in the past. I asked for approximately a 15-minute meeting back in December to discuss a couple of things with him. It wound up being around 90 minutes. Not knowing him, I now realize his interest in improving the city and is a very welcome positive.

Lew Johnson, Connersville